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By: Sandra April 8, 2020

We Tell You Some Advantages Of Being A Sugar Baby


Money, stress, happiness, and Sugar Babies, how are these related? And why do we say that a Sugar Daddy could turn your life around? find out below ...

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How much does a Sugar Mama pay? Sugar Mommy rules? How much does a Sugar Baby get paid? Disadvantages of having a Sugar Daddy? Advantages of having a Sugar Daddy ? How much does a Sugar Daddy pay? and the list of doubts and questions goes on, but don't worry, it's simpler than you think, in this article we'll give you a better idea about it.

What is Happiness? And How Can We Obtain it?

Everyone wants to be happy, and we all long to maintain a carefree state of mind, to not have to worry about paying the bills every month, or simple day-to-day expenses and the endless issues that can only be resolved with money.

To answer the initial questions, let's go by parts. Happiness is a feeling of well-being and self-realization that we experience when we reach our goals.

How to Obtain Happiness?

This question can lead us through very subjective paths, all correct, for all this, I want to highlight something important, and I would like you to really delve into the question before answering, but do it when you have finished reading this article, Do you think money brings happiness?

You and I can ramble on Sugar Baby, but science has already moved forward on this point and in a study by Case Western University they set out to consult with a group of people on the economic aspect and the intimate relationship that money has with happiness, and concluded that it is indeed related to emotional well-being and the quality of people’s life.

In this study they analyzed people by tracking their monetary income, and how this had a lot to do with a decrease in negative emotions.

For Sure! Money and Happiness Go Hand in Hand (Even If We Don't Like It)

They also found that increased income is related to reduced incidence of mental illness.

I hope this is not your case, but if money is an impediment to make your dreams come true, it will give you that long-awaited happiness. Well, I don't know about you, but there are ways to obtain that monetary support that you are missing.

It is possible that just like me and many others, you work honestly and strive to do the right thing, pay your bills and not be on bad terms with anyone in that sense, but sadly, as persevering as you are, money is not enough, it just meets basic needs, if this is your case, welcome to the reality of today’s economy!

Lack of Money is Often Not Entirely Our Fault; it is Collateral Damage From the Crisis in Developing Countries.

Many girls, for example, live a student and work life by day and prostitution at night, money is money! And in most cases, they don’t do it out of pleasure, but out of necessity, just to cite an example, but they may venture into the sale of drugs or something similar, just like boys, they find lascivious alternatives for their integrity with the sole objective of getting ahead with expenses, don't do it! There are other options.

Become a Sugar Baby!

A sugar baby is a generally young person who occasionally engages with a much older man (Sugar Daddy) or a much older woman (Sugar Mommy), who are wealthy people who enjoy spending their money on young people; it is said to be modern prostitution, but it is not even close to it, I will tell you why; first, the treatment is completely dignified, the person with whom you get involved in this way respects you at all times, it is about both enjoying the company and the moment, and you do not necessarily have sex in meetings, sometimes It is only the pleasure of exchanging a pleasant chat, going for a walk, a dinner, going on a trip, etc. Although of course, in most cases the sexual act is given, but both parties consent, and it is not a bed and throws you out the door stripping you of your dignity; A consensual relationship is established in which both people establish the rules from the beginning, whether you promise exclusivity or not, to cite an example.

When you are a sugar baby, it is possible that the person with whom you get involved will give you cash every so often, periodically, or that they will be responsible for paying your expenses directly and buying the things you need when they ask for it. You ask, in any case, it represents a relief for your mental tranquility, you stop worrying about the economic aspect as you normally did, the benefits are immediate.

I clarify for you why it cannot be considered as prostitution, simply because it does not pay you every time they have sex, in reality, it does not pay you for sex, they support you financially because they can do it, and it is about two adult people exchanging benefits.
You need to shed prejudice to do it successfully. Let's not get confused, it is not an official relationship that you can shout to the rooftops, the more privacy you manage in the relationship, the better since generally wealthy people looking for sugar babies are people with a certain "respectable" social status and they would not be well regarded in this role play.

If You Are Still Not Convinced to Become A Sugar Baby, I Invite You to Imagine The Following Scenes:

Travel, either in your country or abroad; buy the clothes you like the most from a dresser; pay you a few classes of whatever you like, pay the rent; going to a fancy restaurant for the simple curiosity of knowing what it feels like to eat there; rescue kittens; go partying; pay for college; the Internet; the new car; expensive brand cosmetics; modern cell phone; Etc. Etc. Etc.

All the above is paid for with money, you even need money to help. Whether we like it or not, money is necessary for everyday activities, to obtain products, to pay for services, and basically for everything in this social system of which we are members.

Being a Sugar Baby makes things easier for you, you leave stress aside, you start having more fun, you start enjoying your youth calmly, knowing that you have the security of your accounts paid for at the end of the month, and by this I don’t mean that you should rely and stop doing what you must, neglecting your work and hanging on the advantages that your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy offer you, is not suitable. You must see it as extra help or as the little help you needed to change your life.

Most of these wealthy people are financially generous and tend to give you more than you ask for, simply because they can, they get the feeling of some self-satisfaction while supporting you, and that benefits you more than it does them.

To Exemplify Applying the Concepts of Happiness, Stress, and Money, I would Like to Share My Personal Experience as A Sugar Baby

This fact made things easier for me until today to remain in a harmonious state and even happiness, why not say it ?; When I arrived at the city where I currently reside, I started working in a call center, I earned commissions, and at first it seemed that everything was going well, when suddenly I was overwhelmed by expenses, living alone, and stress started to increase, to the point where I was getting sick from colitis, the worst thing that could happen to you; lacking money and getting sick, it even seemed like a joke of life, luckily, I met a person on the internet who proposed to be my Sugar Daddy, I accepted without thinking it twice; At first I thought it was a tease, it sounded too good to be true, but to my surprise, it was as real as the sky is blue; I felt very comfortable with this man from the beginning, and he was very supportive, without him I would very possibly continue on the struggle. I consider that I was astute and made the most of the economic benefits that he offered me and opened my own clothing boutique, I am currently independent, and with the profits of my own business I can pay for my university. Is this a big life change or what?

Being a Sugar Baby could turn out to be one of the best experiences of your life, and even better, it can carry along the consequences for your professional and personal development. For all the above, so don’t forget that; Being a Sugar Baby will change your life!

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