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Sugar Dating

A Sugar Daddy is a wealthy man who compensates a Sugar Baby in some form for spending time with him. That could mean dates, a physical relationship, or even trips and vacations.

There are no particular requirements Sugar Daddies have to meet. However, Sugar Babies are expensive; most Sugar Daddies pay them at least $100 per date or a few thousand dollars per month as an allowance.

Because of the expenses they incur, most Sugar Daddies are men in their thirties, forties, or even older in high-paying fields like finance or law.

At Sharing Sugar, we've created a platform to help Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies connect. If you're thinking of becoming or dating a Sugar Daddy, you can sign up for free and search for someone in your area.

Sugar dating is a type of romantic relationship based on exchange. The "Sugar Baby" in the partnership exchanges their companionship for financial compensation provided by a "Sugar Daddy" ( or occasionally a "Sugar Momma").

Most of the time, this involves a relationship between a wealthy, older man and a young, beautiful woman — but people of all genders and ages can take part.

As long as both parties are legal adults, there are no lower or upper limits on sugar daters; in theory, a Sugar Daddy could be younger than his Sugar Baby! Although it's less common, sugar relationships can also involve rich Sugar Mommas and young male Sugar Babies.

It's worth pointing out that sugar relationships don't necessarily involve physical relationships — especially not sexual relationships. To give you an idea of the variety, sociologist Maren Scull identified seven types of sugar relationships:

  • Sugar prostitution. The type of sugar dating we most often hear about in the media — a transactional relationship where Sugar Babies exchange sexual favors for money, with zero emotional connection. We don't endorse this type of relationship on Sharing Sugar since prostitution is illegal in the United States.
  • Compensated dating. Sugar babies receive a payment each time they go on a date with their Sugar Daddy — this could involve having lunch together or attending a fancy event.
  • Compensated companionship. Similar to compensated dating. Many Sugar Daddies simply want somebody to talk to and enjoy time with rather than a physical or even romantic relationship. The level of commitment conventional friendships demand can be difficult for career-driven, successful like Sugar Daddies. Instead, they'd prefer to get on with their busy lives and meet somebody on their terms.
  • Sugar dating. You might think sugar dating is just a synonym for compensated dating, but there are slight differences. Sugar dating is a more holistic arrangement. Sugar babies typically receive a monthly or weekly allowance in return for an ongoing sugar relationship — this may be more physical than compensated companionship.
  • Sugar friendships. The main difference between sugar friendships and compensated companionships is that sugar friendships tend to involve people who knew each other before developing a sugar dating relationship.
  • Sugar friendships with benefits. Standard sugar friendships and sugar friendships with benefits have one key difference, and it's exactly what you're thinking: sexual relations. However, it's less transactional than sugar prostitution as there's usually some level of emotional connection.
  • Pragmatic love. This isn't what most people think of when they hear about sugar dating — pragmatic love is for people who envision their relationship continuing in the long run. Why would anyone want a long-run sugar relationship? Above all, it's a lifestyle choice. In sugar dating, the boundaries and "rules" of the relationship are crystal clear. For anyone who values their independence and wants to focus on themselves before committing to a long-term relationship, this can be an attractive prospect. But just because these people don't want to have an exclusive, committed partnership, it doesn't mean they don't want to enjoy the physical and emotional intimacy that having a partner brings.

Sugar dating doesn't always use money as a medium of exchange — Sugar Daddies may also "pay" their Sugar Babies in the form of professional advancement, mentorship, bill payments, or gifts.

Don't buy into the sensationalist stories sometimes shown in the media — a sugar dating relationship can take many different forms. At Sharing Sugar, we let people engage in any (legal) relationship that suits them best.

First, Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies (or sugar mommies) find each other. Although (very) occasionally, this happens organically through an in-person meeting, Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies almost always meet online on websites like Sharing Sugar. This ensures everyone is on the same page and nobody gets offended or freaked out.

Once a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby connect, the next step should always be communication.

There are many different types of sugar dating relationships. Some involve sexual relations, while others include no physical touch at all; some Sugar Daddies pay a monthly "allowance" to their Sugar Babies, while others give opportunities for career advancement.

The type of Sugar Daddy relationships we hear about most in the media involve Sugar Babies who receive money from their Sugar Daddies to engage in sexual relations. In reality, this isn't representative. 40% of Sugar Babies have never had sex with their sugar parents. Of those that do, it's often out of a genuine desire of both parties to become intimate after developing an emotional bond.

With so much variation between relationships, it's essential to establish boundaries and expectations early on. Both parts need to agree on the payment structure and relationship boundaries to avoid problems further down the line. Naturally, you might want to adjust expectations later on. Some Sugar Babies warm to the idea of sexual relations after developing an emotional connection with their Sugar Daddies, while some Sugar Daddies begin with a fixed payment per date and move to a generous monthly allowance.

Once you have an agreement in place, the next stage is to meet up. On the first few meetings, be sure to take extra precautions, like meeting in a public place. We share further safety advice on our blog.

For your first date, we recommend going to a place where you can have a nice chat. Since it’s the first time you’re meeting, you’ll probably have lots of questions to ask each other, so it’s best to choose somewhere quiet. If there’s also great food and somewhere to take a stroll, even better!

Going to the cinema isn’t a great option since there’s no chance to talk or even look at each other – this can make the date awkward. At the other end of the spectrum, going somewhere so noisy that you have to scream to communicate (like a nightclub) is also far from ideal.

Remember that first impressions are important; the information you exchange during the first date is crucial for establishing the expectations for the rest of the relationship.

When you get past the first date and feel more comfortable with each other, you can choose from a broader range of date locations.

For specific date locations in major cities near the US-Mexico border, check out the relevant sections of the FAQ.

Before you enter into a Sugar Daddy relationship, you need to consider how you're going to exchange money. It might sound trivial, but choosing the wrong option could lead to problems with the taxman, the law, or being scammed.

Here are the pros and cons of the most popular payment methods:

  • Cash. The principal advantage of cash is that it's untraceable — nobody needs to worry about suspicious-looking transactions appearing on their bank account. However, it can be difficult for a Sugar Baby to handle huge wads of cash, and there's also the risk of it being lost or stolen.
  • Bank deposit. This is one of the most secure ways to exchange money, but it also has a considerable disadvantage: a high volume of big-number transactions could arouse suspicions from banks or tax authorities. Proceed with caution.
  • PayPal. It might be convenient, but PayPal has a few drawbacks. As with bank deposits, PayPal keeps a digital record of every transaction made. It will also contact tax authorities if you exceed a certain number of transactions in a year — in the US, that's $20,000 or 200 payments (whichever comes first).
  • Peer-to-peer options. There are plenty of options that work similarly to PayPal out there, including CashApp, Venmo, and more. These apps also keep a transaction record but may not report it to the government.
  • Prepaid cards.Using a prepaid card is an excellent way to get around the traceability of digital payments and the inconvenience of cash — the Sugar Daddy simply loads up a card for his Sugar Baby.
  • Bill payments or gifts. Another option is for a Sugar Daddy to pay for things directly for his Sugar Baby, whether that's a rent payment or a designer handbag. However, some Sugar Babies might prefer not to disclose what they spend their money on, and it's less convenient for Sugar Daddies to pay for individual items.
  • Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. For anyone worrying about leaving a digital footprint, cryptocurrencies are the perfect solution — you can receive payments anonymously without anyone knowing. However, handling cryptocurrency payments is technical and complex, so it's not suitable for everyone.
  • Money transfer sites. If a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby live in different countries, a money transfer site like Revolut, Transferwise, or Global Remit has fewer fees than using PayPal or bank transfers. This is worth considering for American Sugar Daddies who want to pay Mexican Sugar Babies, but these services also leave a digital footprint.

Bear in mind that not all Sugar Daddies pay their Sugar Babies – some offer professional advancement opportunities instead, and others are "experience daddies" who only pay for dates. However, this is less common.

Without dedicated platforms, it's difficult for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies to connect— a Sugar Daddy dating site plays this role.

At Sharing Sugar, both Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies can register for free. The process is simple: just sign up, put in your details (including a photo), and start looking for a match. We have thousands of members' profiles for you to browse!

But bear in mind that the role of a Sugar Daddy dating site is to bring people together. The way you interact outside of the platform, including how you meet up and arrange payment, is up to you.

The Sugar Baby stereotype might be of a pretty bimbo, but the reality is almost the opposite. Sugar daddies are intelligent, motivated men; they're often looking for ambitious and smart women. Naturally, traditional attractiveness and youth don't hurt.

In an ideal Sugar Daddy relationship, Sugar Babies genuinely enjoy learning from and spending time with older, wiser men. This often means a mentor/mentee relationship, business support, or at least companionship. Sugar babies must have clear goals and be able to offer intellectually stimulating conversations.

But even if a Sugar Baby is "only" offering companionship, don't underestimate how difficult it can be. Getting paid to go on dates sounds easy, but it's challenging and tiring to spend hours talking to somebody and taking an interest in their life – especially in situations that can be awkward and uncomfortable. Sugar babies need to be charismatic and natural conversationalists.

Although some men expect sex, this isn't necessarily part of the role of being a Sugar Baby. However, most Sugar Daddies expect their Sugar Babies to take pride in their appearance. Make sure to dress nicely – often more formally than you would usually – and make an effort with your hair, makeup, and nails.

A Sugar Daddy's role can be vastly different depending on what type of arrangement they want.

For Sugar Daddies looking for an entirely transactional relationship, their primary responsibility is to pay their Sugar Baby and make sure she feels looked after. This could also involve making travel arrangements and ensuring a good line of communication.

Others take a much more involved role in the life of their Sugar Baby and go beyond the typical arrangements. They might offer internships, business support, or emotional support.

Ultimately, every Sugar Daddy has a different approach. Just make sure you're covering the bare minimum by making your Sugar Baby feel safe and comfortable.

A Sugar Momma is the female version of a Sugar Daddy: a wealthy older woman who pays a younger man (or woman) to be her Sugar Baby.

It might be unconventional, but Sugar Momma could see a rise in the future now that more females are pursuing careers instead of families. At Sharing Sugar, we encourage sugar mommies to sign up and browse profiles of Sugar Babies from across Latin America.

Thanks to the internet, communicating in a foreign language is easier than ever. The best-known and most user-friendly translation service is Google Translate. It’s not always perfect, but 95% of the time, you can rely on it to translate the meaning of what you want to say,

You can either use the website or download the app, which can be a lifesaver when you’re finding your way around Mexico and want to speak to merchants or find a restroom.

As well as typing, the app lets you look up translations using voice recognition – harness it by clicking the little microphone symbol. You can also use “conversation mode,” which lets both parties speak in their native languages and still communicate, or take pictures with your camera (e.g., of signs and restaurant menus).

For the best translation experience, opt for a Mexican data plan. Depending on your US cell phone provider, your phone might already have service in Mexico, but you’re likely to face poor reception in certain areas. The infrastructure in Mexico isn’t as established as in the US, so it’s best to get a Mexican SIM with a data plan you can use in your existing phone.

If your phone has “dual SIM” capabilities, you can conveniently use two SIM cards simultaneously – but your phone mustbe “unlocked,” which is unlikely if you’re paying for it through a monthly contract.

By purchasing a Mexican SIM, you’ll get a Mexican phone number, which is more convenient for communicating with people in the country.

Getting Started With Sugar Dating

Most people start sugar dating by signing up for a dedicated website. This will give you a readymade list of people open to sugar dating arrangements that you can get in contact with.

Sharing Sugar is a great option; you can register and browse profiles for free on our site. We're a global platform, although we focus on connecting Mexican Sugar Babies with American Sugar Daddies around the Tijuana and San Diego area.

Once you find someone you're interested in pursuing, make sure you both have similar expectations about how the arrangement will work.

Almost all Sugar Babies begin their journey on a specialist website. Sugar dating is complicated enough already without trying to find somebody open to this type of arrangement in everyday life!

Prospective Sugar Babies can register for free on Sharing Sugar. As soon as your profile is approved, you can begin your search for the perfect Sugar Daddy.

If you're struggling to find a Sugar Daddy, there are a few potential explanations.

You might not have filled in your profile optimally. Did you choose flattering, high-quality photos that reflect the type of arrangement you're looking for? Unfortunately, opting for a bikini photo might give Sugar Daddies the impression that you're offering sexual services, leading to the wrong types of messages.

Also, bear in mind that Sugar Daddies might do a reverse image search – does your social media reflect you in the right light?

But it's not just about how you look — despite the stereotypes, (most) Sugar Daddies also care about your personality! Many look for ambitious women they can have interesting conversations with. On Sharing Sugar, you can fill in the type of arrangement you're looking for, which your chance to prove you're articulate and know what you want.

The Benefits of Sugar Dating

Everyone knows Sugar Babies can gain financially from Sugar Daddy arrangements. Having somebody else take care of the bills takes a massive chunk of stress out of your life and lets you focus on more important things.

It's common for Sugar Daddies to help out with education, rent payments, or even buying a car.

But things can actually go far deeper than that. Sugar daddies often serve as business mentors for ambitious young women. One example is Barbara Corcoran, who famously said she landed investment and a business partner through her sex appeal. An even more prominent figure is Melania Trump, who some speculate to have a sugar-type relationship with her husband.

Getting a Sugar Daddy can be an empowering move. The arrangement allows you to receive financial and emotional support without being forced to compromise, start a family, or become a housewife.

Male or female, most people want some level of companionship in their lives. Unfortunately, when you're highly successful and career-motivated, it's challenging to balance a conventional relationship with your job.

Having a Sugar Baby is almost like having a girlfriend that you only see when it's convenient for you. You can enjoy the company of somebody who will only see you as often or as infrequently as you like without the jealousy, restraints, and expectations of a regular relationship.

Plus, Sugar Babies are known for often young and attractive. What's not to like?

Choosing an App or Website for Sugar Dating

The best Sugar Daddy app for you depends on the type of arrangement you're looking for and where you're located.

Lots of Sugar Daddy websites have a few problems. Many allow – or even encourage – users to exchange pictures. This often makes Sugar Babies uncomfortable as images can turn sexual. At Sharing Sugar, we overcome this problem by not allowing photo exchanges.

Sharing Sugar is also ideal for American Sugar Daddies and Mexican Sugar Babies looking to connect – we're a multilingual platform with users on both sides of the US-Mexico border.

There are various sites designed for connecting Sugar Daddies with Sugar Babies. Sharing Sugar is a fantastic option, especially for Sugar Daddies from the US (especially San Diego) looking for Sugar Babies from Mexico (Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, and Tecate).

You can filter by location, last activity, description, and children to find the right match for you.

We manually approve each profile to ensure there are no fake users.

It's free to sign up, but there are limits to how many messages you can send to potential Sugar Babies.

Sharing Sugar is the perfect platform for finding a Sugar Daddy.

First, go to the signup page, which will prompt you to fill in your details. You need to say whether you're a Sugar Baby or sugar parent and whether you're interested in a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Momma. Then, fill in your email address – once you verify it, you're fully signed up!

You must enter your profile details before you start browsing. We ask for:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body type
  • Marital status
  • Children
  • Address

You can also describe the type of relationship you're looking for in your own words.

The only requirement is that you must be a legal adult. After this stage, you have to go through admin approval. This filters out any explicit photos or fake profiles.

Everything is free, so browse and message as many Sugar Daddies as you like at no charge.

Money and Rates for Sugar Dating

There are two main ways Sugar Babies receive money: payment per meeting (PPM) or a monthly allowance.

For those receiving an allowance, the average Sugar Baby makes at least $650 a month (about $15,000 MXN), working out at about $45 ($1,000 MXN) an hour. For those earning a set PPM, $100 to $200 ($3,000 to $4,000 MXN) is a reasonable amount.

The exact allowance depends on a few factors: the supply of Sugar Daddies, demand for Sugar Babies, how much time is spent together, and the kinds of activities carried out.

The average Sugar Daddy gives around $650 a month ($15,000 MXN) to his Sugar Baby, or $100 to $200 ($3,000 to $4,000 MXN) per meeting. However, you might want to give your Sugar Baby more or less money than this.

When agreeing on an allowance, consider:

  • How much time are you spending together?
  • What activities are you doing together?
  • Is your arrangement exclusive?
  • Do you require your Sugar Baby to travel or buy anything?

The more commitment and effort you're demanding from a Sugar Baby, the more you should pay – they're taking time out of their life to spend with you.

Some Sugar Daddies pay a fixed amount per meeting, whereas others pay a monthly allowance. To begin with, it may be best to opt for a payment per meeting.

Some research suggests the average Sugar Daddy from the US makes around $250,000 a year, while another study suggests the average net worth is $5.2 million.

But not all Sugar Daddies are rich. A "splenda daddy" is the name for a Sugar Daddy on a tighter budget.

Don't assume that the wealthier a Sugar Daddy is, the more generous he will be with your allowance. Sometimes, you might find a Sugar Daddy who is not particularly wealthy but still wants to spend money on a Sugar Baby.

As a Sugar Baby, you'll usually receive your money as a gift, which isn't taxable. Of course, if you're receiving significant sums as “gifts” throughout the year, it can look suspicious to the taxman. Many Sugar Babies prefer to keep their allowance in cash to avoid these complications.

The IRS requires banks to report any transactions over $10,000 to investigate potential cases of money laundering and drug trafficking. PayPal will also inform the taxman if you receive more than $20,000 in transactions per year. However, every country has different tax rules, so be sure to check your government’s stance.

Occasionally, you might come across a Sugar Daddy who wants to pay you as a contractor so he can deduct your money as tax. However, this is risky for you.

When you first find a Sugar Daddy, it can be awkward and uncomfortable to sort out your allowance. But don't wait for him to bring it up – some men try to secure a date (or even sexual relations) for free, later ghosting the girl.

We recommend asking for an allowance as soon as you begin talking to a Sugar Daddy. Make sure he pays you before the date if you're traveling.

Different Sugar Daddies have different arrangements for transferring money to their Sugar Babies. Some pay a regular allowance (e.g., $600 USD or $15,000 MXN per month) while others pay a set amount per meeting (e.g., $3,000 MXN or $100 USD per date)

Paying per meeting (PPM) is often the best way to begin the relationship until you build more trust. You probably don't want multiple meetings without receiving payment as your Sugar Daddy could do a runner and never pay you; equally, Sugar Daddies worry a Sugar Baby could run off with their money.

The safest way to get around this is for the Sugar Daddy to pay before the first date or transfer the money while you're together.

If you're traveling to meet your Sugar Daddy, you should rarely be paying out of your own pocket to fill up your gas tank or buy your plane ticket. A good Sugar Daddy will always cough up for your travel expenses beforehand. Of course, if you're already receiving a monthly allowance of a few thousand dollars, it's reasonable for you to cover your own costs.


There's always an element of danger involved when meeting strangers, whether you're sugar dating or not. However, you should take extra precautions when sugar dating.

Sugar babies face the greatest danger, but Sugar Daddies also need to be careful. There are plenty of people who would like to target rich men putting themselves in vulnerable situations.

To minimize risk, arrange to meet in a public place. Also, make sure your family and friends know where you are. You can also use an app like Find My Friends to give them your exact location at all times through your phone.

Another good way to "vet" a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby is to spend a while chatting before you meet up – if they just want to meet up as soon as possible without getting to know you first, it's a bad sign.

Finally, consider protecting your real identity and adopting an anonymous identity instead. It’s common practice for both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies to do this. However, you still need to use a real photo – just take a new picture you haven’t used elsewhere on social media so nobody can do a reverse image search.

Safety advice for Sugar Babies is similar to standard advice when meeting someone you've spoken to online for the first time.

When you see someone for the first time, meet them in a public place. To err on the side of caution, bring a friend with you – and, if you're traveling, make the Sugar Daddy pay for the friend to go with you.

If you're staying in a hotel, make sure the security is good and that you have your own room.

Some Sugar Daddies might try to persuade you to meet them in a private space, using an excuse about them being a public figure or married. If this happens, suggest meeting in a private booth in a restaurant or similar.

When you meet somebody for the first time, trust your gut instinct and look out for more red flags. Just because they don't attempt to kidnap you within the first hour, it doesn't mean it's safe to be with them. It's best to test someone's character over multiple meetings and build up trust before you meet up in private.

Also, beware of so-called "salt daddies" — men who pretend to be wealthy to attract Sugar Babies, usually girls who are new to the field. Signs of salt daddies include excessive discussion of sex, big promises, last-minute cancellations of meetings, and reversed transactions.

These salt daddies will excessively talk about the high allowances, vacations, and gifts they will buy you "in the future" to manipulate you into staying in the relationship.

You can avoid reversed transactions by making sure your Sugar Daddy selects the "family and friends" option on PayPal rather than the "goods and services" button. Also, steer clear of anyone who wants to send money by Western Union or check.

It's not advisable to send explicit photos to a Sugar Daddy, especially if you haven't yet met him or you don't know each other very well. Although swapping pictures can be fun, it's best to establish trust first. That's why we don't allow photo exchanges on Sharing Sugar, unlike other platforms.

Sugar dating certainly has its pros and cons; it isn't right for everyone.

Some Sugar Daddies might decide vetting Sugar Babies isn’t worth the financial expense and inconvenience, especially if they have a busy career. Meanwhile, women might decide being a Sugar Baby isn’t worth the risk of something bad happening or the emotional labor involved.

However, almost anyone who finds the right Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy will agree that sugar dating can be extremely beneficial, convenient, and worthwhile. It may be time-consuming, and you certainly need to know what you want in advance, but both parties stand to gain enormously from a good Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby.

Some sugar dating apps have attracted controversy for not protecting the often vulnerable women who use the platform.

At Sharing Sugar, we make sure everything is as safe as possible. We manually vet and approve each profile on the site and don't allow the exchange of photos.

We also advise you to take the necessary precautions. Check out our blog for further advice.

Prostitution is illegal in the USA and many other countries, but sugar dating isn't a purely transactional arrangement. Although some arrangements might involve sex if both parties develop a connection, Sugar Babies are paid for mutually beneficial arrangements – not purely for sex.

At Sharing Sugar, we encourage users to opt for a relationship that isn't purely sexual and transactional, which is why we don't allow photo sharing.

There's a stigma against being a Sugar Baby, but most of them are built on misconceptions.

Many people think sugar dating is synonymous with prostitution. In reality, this isn't always the case —some Sugar Daddies just want companionship.

There are also clear differences between prostitution or escorting and Sugar Daddy relationships — sugar dating is usually a long-term arrangement rather than occasional or one-off meetings.

However, there are some real concerns and dangers. In an ideal world, both parties involved are pursuing the arrangement as a lifestyle choice. But the reality is that many Sugar Babies are vulnerable young women who are desperate for money; they might feel obliged to do things they're not comfortable with to get that money.

The best sugar relationships involve mutual understanding. If you don't truly feel comfortable about being a Sugar Baby, it could be a dark route for you to go down. However, if you think you could enjoy the relationship, there's no need to feel guilty or ashamed.


There's no strict requirement about how old a Sugar Daddy needs to be. But, since they have to be wealthy, they're usually older men who are at the peak of their careers.

In the US, the average Sugar Daddy is 38 years old, and most Sugar Daddies are in their thirties or forties. In turn, the average Sugar Baby is 25, meaning there are usually significant age differences between the two.

However, in Latin America, the age difference tends to be even larger. The average Sugar Daddy is 51 years old and may even be in his sixties.

It's very unusual for a Sugar Daddy to be younger than his Sugar Baby — men who can afford to maintain a Sugar Baby tend to be older and at the peak of their profession. In contrast, Sugar Babies tend to be younger women who are in the greatest need of money. The average age for a Sugar Daddy is 38, while the average age of a Sugar Baby is 25.

In theory, a Sugar Daddy can be younger than his Sugar Baby. Many older women in their thirties or forties enjoy a Sugar Baby lifestyle — even if they're not desperate for the extra money, they may like the pragmatism of the relationship and the gifts. Meanwhile, there are plenty of wealthy men in their twenties who could afford Sugar Babies. There's no reason the two couldn't build a sugar relationship together, even though it’s unconventional.

As long as you're a legal adult (18 years old), you can become a Sugar Baby.

There's no maximum age for Sugar Babies. The lifestyle is most attractive to younger women beginning their lives and careers, and many Sugar Daddies prefer young women.

But despite the stereotypes, it's not true that Sugar Daddies are only interested in teens and women in their early twenties. Older Sugar Daddies in their forties or fifties are likely to feel uncomfortable with this age gap and prefer someone slightly older.

There are no hard and fast rules for sugar dating — each relationship works differently. However, it's very unusual for sugar relationships to be exclusive; one of the main perks is having a flexible arrangement with minimal commitment.

It's common for Sugar Daddies to have multiple Sugar Babies and for Sugar Babies to have multiple Sugar Daddies. So, in theory, it’s possible to have both a Sugar Daddy and a boyfriend. However, you might run into some complications and problems.

If you're fully committed to your relationship with your boyfriend, your Sugar Daddy might feel you're emotionally distant from him and not enjoying the relationship. This could lead them to call off the relationship. Equally, your boyfriend could become jealous of your Sugar Daddy and pressure you to stop seeing him.

Just make sure everyone involved is aware of what's happening and consents to the arrangement. Never lie to your boyfriend about having a Sugar Daddy or to your Sugar Daddy about having a boyfriend.

Although the media portrays most Sugar Daddies as wanting sex or at least physical relations like kissing or cuddling, it's common for Sugar Daddy relationships to be based purely on companionship.

Since Sugar Daddies tend to be extraordinarily career-driven, it's often difficult for them to maintain close friendships – they involve a level of commitment and effort that busy people can't afford to give.

That's where Sugar Babies come in. A normal friend might not be thrilled at the prospect of having someone in their life who can’t prioritize the relationship and only wants to meet up on their own terms — but a Sugar Baby won’t mind.

But remember, if you're being paid solely on your conversational abilities, you need to be good at what you do! Make sure you keep the conversation flowing, ask your Sugar Daddy plenty of questions, and keep him entertained. You could ask him about:

  • Hobbies
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Life goals

Don't be afraid to take things a little deeper – although you might want to wait until later dates.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of "Sugar Daddy" scams on the internet. One of these scams involves victims being asked to purchase gift cards, since they’re almost impossible to trace and recuperate money from. Usually, the scammers pretend to be a government agency, but they could also pose as a Sugar Daddy.

A real Sugar Daddy would never ask for money or a gift card, even if he promises to pay you more further down the line.

There are similar scams involving PayPal transactions by goods and services or checks.


Sharing Sugar is a global sugar dating platform, but we specialize in facilitating cross-border relationships between the US and Mexico. We have many Sugar Babies from Mexico and Latin America looking for Sugar Daddies or Sugar Mommas on the site. Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, Tecate, and Mexicali are common locations for our Sugar Babies.

At Sharing Sugar, we facilitate many Sugar Daddy relationships between Sugar Daddies in the US and Sugar Babies in Mexico. Tijuana is one of the most popular locations, and we can help you find a Sugar Baby there.

If you’d prefer to meet a Sugar Baby in person, consider targeting areas where students tend to live or frequent. Tijuana is a huge city and has plenty of colleges and students – and, because of the reasonably high cost of living there, many of them may be interested in a Sugar Daddy arrangement.

The major colleges in Tijuana are Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF), Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC), Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC), Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (UPN), Universidad Humanitas, Universidad CESUN, Universidad Xochicalco, UNIFRONT, Universidad de Estudios Avanzados (UNEA), Universidad Iberoamericana, Universidad de Tijuana CUT, and Universidad Tecnológica de Tijuana (UTT).

Students tend to live in the Zona Otay colony, which also boasts excellent nightlife and lots of entertainment and restaurants. To meet Sugar Babies, El AFTER de Otay,or El Chez de Otay. There’s also the gay bar Club Fusion. In the Rio Zone, you can look for a Sugar Baby at Plaza del Zapato, Plaza Rio, Plaza Chapultepec, or Plaza Galerias Hipodromo.

On Sharing Sugar, we host various Sugar Daddies looking for Sugar Babies in Mexico and Latin America. San Diego is a popular meet up point. Alternatively, try hopping over the border to Tijuana.

Sharing Sugar has the dating profiles of Sugar Babies from all over Mexico, including Rosarito. Browse through them and see if you can find anyone who takes your fancy!

For anyone hoping to head over to Rosarito and meet a sugar baby in person, bear in mind that this probably isn’t the easiest location to choose. Rosarito is a fairly small place (population of around 70,250) that’s more of a beachside resort than a major city. You might have more luck in a large city with a big student population, like Tijuana.

However, Rosarito does have a couple of colleges: the Centro Universitario Rosarito - UABC campus and the Universidad Rosaritense. Since Rosarito has a great nightlife scene, you could meet any students interested in a Sugar Daddy relationship in one of the clubs or bars known for bringing in Americans.

Try visiting Club Iggy’s, Ricky’s Place, Cava Las Animas de la Vid, Bombay Beach Club, Boom Boom Club, Acua Baja Bar & Mar, Canta Show, Solazo Bar, Or Papas & Beer (more of a bar and restaurant but very popular).

If you're a Sugar Daddy who wants a Sugar Baby in Ensenada, look no further than Sharing Sugar. Our site includes various Sugar Babies from Ensenada and all over Mexico – maybe one of them will catch your eye.

Prefer to meet somebody in person? Ensenada is a large city with a couple of public colleges (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California or AUBC and Instituto Tecnológico de Ensenada). You might find students who are looking for a Sugar Daddy in one of the many nightlife spots in the city, known for bringing in Californians on vacations. Popular spots include Bar Andaluz, Tequilas Sports Bar and Grill, El Patino Ens, Mango Mango, Pato, and El Eurobar.

The biggest university, the UABC campus, is south of the central Ensenada area. Still, there’s a good chance you could meet students in the main bars and clubs.

Tecate is a popular location for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies to meet. On Sharing Sugar, we help Mexican Sugar Babies in places like Tecate find Sugar Daddies from around the US.

You might also be able to find locals interested in a Sugar Daddy relationship by visiting. The city is fairly small (around 70,000 people), but is still home to some students and hangout spots.

The Universidad Autónoma de Baja California has a campus here, located near the center of Tecate. Rogavios Cava Gastro Bar, Bar Diana, and Kiu Bar are popular spots. Although Tecate doesn’t have the biggest nightlife scene in Mexico, the good news is that you’ll be more likely to bump into any prospective Sugar Babies – there are only so many places they can be!

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Another option is to visit Mexicali and look for sugar babies in person. With a population of almost 700,000, there must be a few local girls on the lookout for a Sugar Daddy!

There are a cluster of colleges near the Independencia zone, Nueva zone and Centro Cívico Zone. The major colleges are the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC), Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (UPN), Universidad Politécnica de Baja California (UPBC), and Instituto Tecnológico de Mexicali.

Popular spots for students are Boa, Maya Night Club, Raw Dance Club, and Irish Pub. Why not go and try your luck?

In Mexico, there’s minimal financial support for students who want to go to university. Although public universities offer degrees at a reasonable cost and there are some additional scholarships available for the brightest students, most young people rely on support from their parents to make it through their studies.

Naturally, sugar dating is another route some students take to fund their college careers. Here are some of the most popular universities in Mexico in Sugar Baby hotspots:

  • Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC)
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Ensenada
  • Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC)
  • Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (UPN)
  • Universidad Politécnica de Baja California (UPBC)
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Mexicali
  • Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF)
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana
  • Seminario Diocesano de Tijuana
  • Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC)
  • Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (UPN)
  • Universidad Tecnológica de Tijuana (UTT)
  • Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Unidad Rosarito
  • Universidad Rosaritense
  • Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Campus Tijuana Unidad Tecate
  • Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Unidad Valle de las Palmas

Tijuana is one of the biggest cities in Mexico, so there’s no shortage of potential date opportunities here.

To go eating

Mi Casa Supper Club is a gourmet restaurant by the sea that offers some fantastic dishes – there’s a mix of Mexican, Mediterranean, and even Morrocan food. Alternatively, in downtown Tijuana, head to La Justina for lovely exotic drinks and delicious food, or try a gourmet place like Mision19.

Villa Saverios is a fantastic Italian restaurant that Trip Advisor awarded Travelers’ Choice in 2020, and La Querencia is a firm favorite for seafood lovers.

To go shopping

There’s no end of places to go shopping in Tijuana. Plaza Rio is a huge, open-air shopping mall where you’ll find various shoes, jewelry, and clothes shops. Other options for shopping are Galerias Hipodromo, Swap Meet Siglo XXI, and Otay Mall.

To go drinking

You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to bars in Tijuana, but a few of the most popular are LUX Antro Bar, El AFTER de Otay, El Chez de Otay, and Caguas BAR. For a more sophisticated experience, try Cereus Bar for cocktails.

Whatever kind of activity you enjoy, you’ll be sure to find something to suit you in Ensenada. If you fancy a full day out, why not have a romantic trip to Bodegas de Santo Tomas, a winery in the Valle de Guadalupe? With the mountains surrounding you and alcohol in your stomach, this could be a great way to break the ice on a first date.

Or, if you enjoy being with nature, head to La Bufadora, an underwater cave by the sea, or Las cañadas – it’s in the middle of nowhere, but that makes it fun and exciting! . Prefer something more conventional? Below, we’ve listed some traditional date spots. Another great adventure you can try is scuba diving.

To go eating

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, Punta Morro is a seafood restaurant that serves delicious cuisine with freshly caught fish. Or, you could head to Il Massimo for some Italian food or Sano’s Steak House for a nice meaty meal.

To go shopping

Ensenada doesn’t have a true mall (in the way Americans would define it), but Plaza Marina is a commercial center with various shops and a cinema. Alternatively, you could go to First Street, a more casual shopping spot with a few stores.

To go drinking

As a popular vacation spot, Ensenada is full of great bars you could take your Sugar Baby, like Bar Andaluz or Mango Mango. In case you want a more relaxed atmosphere, you could go to a wine bar instead – Viña de Liceaga is a good option.

Se trata de una zona vitivinícola ubicada en Ensenada, sus dimensiones abarcan dos tercios de Napa Valley. Valle de Guadalupe es mejor conocido por su ruta del vino. Con una distancia de 30 km de Ensenada.

Pero por más que Valle de Guadalupe se encuentre considerablemente lejos de una ciudad concurrida, no significa que tengas que carecer de las mejores comodidades, pues esta zona es conocida por su gran variedad de Airbnb y hoteles, rutas de vino, gran experiencia gastronómica, conciertos y otras actividades recreativas que seguramente disfrutarás en compañía de esa persona especial.

Podrás disfrutar de un clima mediterráneo y bellos paisajes que se prestan para saborear un bello atardecer y por supuesto, no pueden faltar las fotos del recuerdo para recordar y repetir en otra ocasión.

For a day trip, you could visit Cañon De Guadalupe with your date, the resident canyon in Guadalupe. It’s a peaceful place with hot springs and fantastic views – why not bring a romantic picnic?

Of course, there are also plenty of bars and restaurants in the area.

To go eating

For something swanky, try visiting Mezzosole, Hotel Lucerna. The colonial architecture and painted ceilings and walls will certainly give you a meal to remember – and the food isn’t bad either.

Fans of sushi will love the Sakura Restaurant Bar, and Los Arcos is a renowned seafood restaurant in the area.

To go shopping

Mexicali has two shopping malls: Plaza Nuevo Mexicali and Plaza la Cachanilla. Plaza Nuevo Mexicali has a few boutiques and a movie theater, while Plaza la Cachanilla is a larger shopping center with more big brands. Why not give them both a go?

To go drinking

La Terraza Bar is a lovely spot for couples thanks to its terrace style and soft, warm lighting. If you want more of a night club atmosphere, try Boa or Maya Night Club.

Since Rosarito is a beach resort, the obvious choice for a date is spending the day by the sea or trying out some watersports. You could even try something more adventurous, like horse riding or hiking.

If that’s not to your tastes, here are some further options.

To go eating

Pasta y Basta, an Italian restaurant serving mostly pasta, tops the list. You could also try Mi Casa Super Club for a range of international food with a beach view, or if you’re looking for local seafood, go to Puerto Nuevo for lots of local restaurants with delicious lobster at a very reasonable price. Finally, Churrascaria Do Brazil is a delicious Brazilian restaurant in Tijuana that will be perfect for any meat lover.

To go shopping

Pabellón Rosarito is a large shopping center in Rosarito. It boasts a selection of shops clustered together rather than a huge indoors mall, so you could easily spend a relaxed day here. There are also various restaurants nearby.

To go drinking

Anyone looking for a lively atmosphere should visit Club Iggy’s, Ricky’s Place, or Cava Las Animales de la Vida to have a great night. If you’re after a more intimate experience, spend the night at one of the restaurants outlined above, sipping cocktails and looking out at the sea.

Tecate is a small place, but there are still a few great places to take your Sugar Baby on a date. If you’re a fan of beer, you could visit the Tecate Brewery and found out how its made (and enjoy a drink or three in the beer garden).

To go eating

Restaurante Amores serves a range of fresh, unique meals described as “contemporary” – a fine dining experience with a few twists. But be warned, it’s named after lovers, so make sure you don’t catch feelings!

If you have a sweet tooth, you could also try El Lugar de Nos for a delicious, indulgent dessert. This is sugar dating, after all!

To go shopping

Although Tecate is relatively small, it still has two shopping malls: Plaza California and Plaza Viñita. These are focused on places to eat and a few small shops, though – not exactly a luxury shopping experience.

If you don’t mind the drive (almost an hour), you could also treat your Sugar Baby to a trip to Plaza California in Tijuana, which has more options.

To go drinking

Tecate has a famous beer named after it – you’d expect there to be some decent spots to grab a drink. As well as the famous brewery, you could also check out Rogavios Cava Gastro Bar, Bar Diana, or Kiu Bar.

When visiting a new city for the first time, few things are more important than choosing the right place to stay – especially when you want to focus on getting to know someone special.

The less you’re worrying about how safe the location of your hotel is or the lack of hygiene in your bedroom, the more energy you can devote to your Sugar Baby!

In Tijuana, we recommend:

When visiting a new city for the first time, few things are more important than choosing the right place to stay – especially when you want to focus on getting to know someone special.

The less you’re worrying about how safe the location of your hotel is or the lack of hygiene in your bedroom, the more energy you can devote to your Sugar Baby!

In Rosarito, good options include:

When visiting a new city for the first time, few things are more important than choosing the right place to stay – especially when you want to focus on getting to know someone special.

The less you’re worrying about how safe the location of your hotel is or the lack of hygiene in your bedroom, the more energy you can devote to your Sugar Baby!

In Ensenada, we recommend:

When visiting a new city for the first time, few things are more important than choosing the right place to stay – especially when you want to focus on getting to know someone special.

The less you’re worrying about how safe the location of your hotel is or the lack of hygiene in your bedroom, the more energy you can devote to your Sugar Baby!

Our best picks in Tecate are:

When visiting a new city for the first time, few things are more important than choosing the right place to stay – especially when you want to focus on getting to know someone special.

The less you’re worrying about how safe the location of your hotel is or the lack of hygiene in your bedroom, the more energy you can devote to your Sugar Baby!

When visiting Mexicali, consider staying in:

When you cross the border to Mexico for the first time, it’s best not to drive. You won’t know the traffic conditions, the best routes, or other similar details. Even if you use a GPS, it might not give you accurate information. This could ruin the whole experience!

Instead, we recommend walking or taking an Uber – a much safer option than a standard taxi service. If you do order an Uber, set your final destination to Otay or San Ysidro.

Make sure you stay in contact with your Sugar Baby at all times, and arrange to meet them at the point you enter the country. They should be able to guide you through the rest of your stay and tell you anything else you need to know.

The better you plan your itinerary and the official documents you need for travel, the more chance you have of having a great time with minimal setbacks.

Finally, don’t be afraid of Tijuana. Although it might get a bad reputation in the press, it’s a safe place to be as long as you practice basic caution, like keeping your valuables out of sight and not wandering around the streets alone at night.