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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

The Crude Truth About Free Travel

I never came to imagine that it would be at an airport where an encounter with such a special and important person would take place, which would be one of the best, if not the best of my experiences.

My name is Tamara, I am 23 years old, I am originally from Mexico City, but currently I live in Tijuana, I live alone, I am single (well halfway single), and without children.

I am not currently in an official relationship, but I am dating someone, a Sugar Daddy. We have been together for 5 months and I can say that so far, I love this relationship. We met by accident. Because I frequently travel to CDMX to visit my family, I am a frequent passenger for a particular airline, and of course, a frequent visitor to the airport.

On a beautiful and frosty winter day I arrived in Tijuana and fortunately, the Uber could not pick me up inside the airport, so I had to opt for a taxi, but the line for safe taxis was long and it was urgent for me to get home because I was running late to get ready for work, so I decided to take a free taxi, ironically another person stopped the taxi at the same time as me, apparently we were both in a hurry.

He was a handsome Pilot, we couldn't help but smile, almost with a smile that was accompanied by a challenging look worthy of an old west comic fight, but as two civilized adults, we decided to share the cab. The taxi driver, of course, had no qualms, on the contrary, more money for him.

We oddly, lived awfully close, my house was before his, on the same path, but when planning the route with the taxi driver we came to realize that we were almost neighbors, and of course, as expected, it was not possible to avoid a friendly talk on the way home.

We noticed that we had some things in common, and it was nice for both of us to have met that day. We both came from stressful flights, more for him than me. At the end, the conversation was so pleasant that we ended up exchanging numbers to meet one day and continue the conversation.

I said goodbye and he followed his short way home. I kept his number, and I must admit that I fell in love with him from the first time I saw him, it was inevitable to find him so attractive in that uniform, it is a beautiful sight still in my mind!

A few minutes later I received a WhatsApp, it was from him, I felt a strange joy to see that it was him, I could think that the sensation of that unexpected attraction was reciprocal; the taxi driver is the only material witness to the beginning of our thing, whatever our thing is.

We talked a lot through WhatsApp and calls, even video calls before our second physical meeting, since we both have very busy lives, between work and university I hardly take a break when I can, and when I do I just want to rest, I have little desire to go out.

It was good to maintain a cybernetic relationship before the first meeting "well", despite having met in person, by chance, I wanted to take the time to get to know him a little more before going out with him on a "date", some kind of relationship and appreciation was formed, we lasted like this for about a month before seeing each other again in person, the day of the taxi did not really count.

He is 10 years older than me, but I think we clicked well from day one, he is either very immature for his age or I am very mature for my age, but the good part is that we both hit it off and the difference in age, has not been a problem, so far. As a pilot he travels a lot, so it is also unlikely for him to maintain a stable relationship with a person, which is why he remains “single”.

It seemed that everything fit together for both of us, to be able to have what we have today. When we saw each other after a month of so much talking on the phone it was very emotional, it had been a long time since I felt the famous "butterflies in the stomach".

We agreed to meet at a sports bar, near our houses, it was a Sunday, I still remember it well. When I go to the bar, I recognized that face that I had felt in love with sometime ago. We greeted each other naturally with the trust that two friends would have.

We ordered some wings and beers to accompany our long-awaited meeting, and we took flight! We learned new things about each other that we didn't know. We warmed up after a few rounds of beer, and in our madness, we decided to go for a walk to the beach, (only two crazy people in the middle of winter would do it, us).

We walked a bit along the boardwalk while the cold sea breeze hit us, we froze after a few minutes and almost instinctively, we sought to give each other warmth, so we hugged and the moment I realized that I was close to him, I looked into his eyes and kissed him, we kissed!

It was a beautifully reciprocated kiss, apart from being an expected reaction, because the feeling was reciprocal. We walked away from the beach and back to the car to go "home." Well, we lit a fire with that kiss, we wanted to be together as a "couple" at that moment and that's what we did; we got to his house and we made love.

We both knew in advance what our lives were like, a bit busy, we did not have schedules that would facilitate or lead to a regular relationship, so it was great for both of us to share our times knowing what we could expect from each other.

It was still early when, after a comforting nap, we thought about going to dinner and then saying goodbye and going back to our space, each other’s space. We had dinner nearby and he took me to my house, we said goodbye without setting a date for the next meeting.

I thought about him all night, I don't know if he did the same; think about me. I love him very much today, and how could I not love him if he is a fundamental part of a handful of positive experiences that I have lived these past few months.

We see each other when possible, sometimes every week and at other times bi-weekly, the time periods between each meeting vary a lot, but we maintain communication over the phone. We have been discreet with what we do because we believe that it is better that way.

It could be a relationship like any other, but I consider it within the scope of Sugary Relationships because he has helped me financially with my expenses and takes me on trips with him, plus many other gifts and benefits that I have obtained since I have been with him.

For example, because he is a pilot, whenever it is possible, he invites me to travel with him, they are a one day trip, almost round trips, but it is very fun to share those moments, well, almost nobody I know has the opportunity of knowing the cabin of the plane, from where the colossal aerial machine is operated, and things like that, I have also been able to travel first class without the need to spend a peso, courtesy of my SD.


The first time I traveled with him I felt super excited because one of the things I like to do the most is travel, I enjoy it a lot, on that occasion, I remember that we stayed for the weekend in Mérida, it was so hot that we wanted to spend all the time at playa de Progreso, but our hotel was in Mérida, we went to a very famous local bar called El Tucho, they have delicious food and there are shows of comedians and imitators and dancers, it was incredible!, we laughed a lot I will never forget that day, it was our first trip together, it was the first of many and I don't know how many more.

We have had very unforgettable adventures; on that same trip to Mérida, we rented a car to visit the tourist area and we were like two fiery fools, when the night fell and we got to the hotel, before getting down we kissed but we made the mistake of eating each other up in the car, we almost went to third base.

It was so crazy because a policeman arrived and interrupted, but they almost took us to the police station, it was funny but at the time it could have been a problem. We realized that we can mistakenly forget about the world around us and engage in our own carelessly, it's nice to know that you have a lot of chemistry with someone, although sometimes, it can be dangerous, (hahaha).

On the money side, he sometimes gives me cash when he knows I must pay something, although most of the time he buys things for me directly; he has told me that he does not like to give me cash too much because he thinks it seems grotesque, as if he was paying for my services, so he then prefers to transfer it to me through his bank application, funny ideas that I don't know where they come from.

But he is usually very generous with his gifts and financial contributions. Luckily for me, he has no commitments like children or wife. He always tells me that due to his work he has not wanted to commit himself to something more serious with a person, and I respect his decision, it seems acceptable and wise to me.

On some occasions, when we have a comforting weekend free from occupations and above all, that he is in the city, we choose his house or my house, to spend the weekend watching movies and eating junk food, without guilt ; even our dogs became friends in the process, by the way, we have a pet, he has told me that his only serious responsibility is his little Terry, a friendly and cuddly chihuahua that he leaves in a dog board when he has to travel for several days.

It seems that we both enjoy our lives free of commitments, and it is that, really, ours is not accompanied by false promises, or the typical ties of a "formal" relationship.

We have tried to respect our spaces and share as much as possible without fully invading each other’s lives. I love my space, my own place and it seems to me that he feels the same as me, therefore, there is no reason to move together; I wish that this lasts a good time, I do not find flaws in our coexistence system, because we see each other when possible, and when it happens, we enjoy each other and have a pleasant time, there are no reasons not to do so.

A deep friendship has been forged, regardless of gender and financial gain. I think we have more in common than we ourselves are aware of. I feel right to say it, since I am not of the erroneous idea of ​​believing that it is not good to express feelings, that you should limit yourself, I believe the opposite, I think it is beautiful to be able to feel something special for someone and to be able to express it freely, is better that way.

I don't need a limited relationship to feel powerful or compete with this person by my side to mark my territory; I believe that a relationship of this type is more civilized, free, where two people can be as they are and are not afraid of being or not being.

We did not mark the clauses at the beginning of the relationship, our thing happened naturally, much less did we plan that it would be as it is. But I think we are doing well. A lot of the time, it is not necessary to know the way to know that you are headed in the right direction, and it seems to me that this relationship of mine is an example of this.

We feel comfortable, we like how it started, nothing was planned, nothing changed in our lives, on the contrary, we found someone to share our time without ties. I don't know where my “relationship” with Francisco will take me, but for the moment I plan to continue enjoying myself as I have done now. I will continue to enjoy the trips and the surprises, our moments together, our craziness.

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