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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

Being A Sugar Baby Is The Best!

Tomorrow is the opening of my own business, a law firm. I am Karla, I am 35 years old and I am incredibly happy to be able to tell you my anecdote.

I'm so excited about tomorrow, that I'm taking a glance at my past, and I realize that I could’ve clearly done this at least five years ago, but I was not truly clear about my goals nor I knew that to some extent I was wasting my time on trifles.

I am a completely independent woman, I am a single mother of a 1-year-old girl, it was a planned baby due to my age, although I do not have a formal partner, I did not want time to leave me without the possibility of being a mother, so once I had the financial stability that I so long dreamed of, I decided to be a mother.

But that is a different story from the one I want to tell you today.

As I said at the beginning, I was remembering my past, to be more specific, when I was only 19 years old; In those beautiful and young years full of energy and those desperate desires to eat the world, I think my eagerness was so great that I missed some opportunities and focused only on the moment, I had no idea of ​​the wonders I could achieve as Sugar Baby.

So you can know everything about my experience being a Sugar Baby, let me start off by my telling you a bit about my origins.

I come from a middle-class family, neither poor nor rich, simply the standard of a Mexican family. I am an only child, so in reality I did not experience deficiencies in my childhood or in any stage of my life, but I was never satisfied with anything. I always wanted more of everything. Always, till the date!

My Experience As a Sugar Baby Starts Here, But Without Having My Goals Clear

And when the time came, that moment that comes to every woman, in which you discover the powerful effect of your curves, the blessed feminine heritage!

And the power of your breasts and buttocks, the whole kit so that you understand me. In my case, it was at 18 years old, it was the first time it crossed my mind to make effective use of my attributes as a woman. Before that I lived in absurd fantasy waiting for the "so called" prince charming.

There was a teacher in high school who had a reputation as a "dirty old man" and I was drawn to the idea of ​​getting to seduce a man like him, with vast experience from his history with girls younger than him.

I saw it as a challenge, if he noticed me, it would mean a mini triumph for my ego, it would mean that I could make full use of my feminine power, to use men to my benefit.

So, I set my predatory mind and with little difficulty and effort I achieved my goal. Before long I had that man’s attention on me, my mistake was of course, not knowing what to do with it! Now whats next?

So, being still very raw at this, I did not know how to take advantage of the benefits from the beginning, and so it happened with him and the following men in my life. I did get something, but minimal compared to what was later offered to me.

Practice Makes Us Experts

Well, they say that nobody is born wise, and it is absolutely true, practice makes us experts in different areas of life. When that teacher was my lover, because the benefit itself was in the academic field, which at that time was the best, because being a party girl I did not have to worry about my grades, I could relax as I knew that my handsome and influential teacher would watch over my grades at the end of the evaluations.

Besides, we had a lot of fun together. But when it came time to go to university, I couldn't do this so easily anymore, because as you know, things are a little different at the university, here you really must do it on your own. But I already had a little bit of knowledge on seduction.

At the university you find people older than you, and you even find classmates who are already prepared and with a somewhat attractive financial solvency. So, I wanted to continue with the game of seducing wealthy men or who had power and influence.

While I didn't have the need to do it so much for the money, I did have the need to do it out of vanity. Feeling desired by a man of this caliber has always been comforting, for all the aspects that come with such a relationship. I have also always liked the fact that I don't have to put up with the full-time person, I just keep the best part of them. And they with the best part of me. Bingo!

My Second Sugar Daddy

My second love prospect was something unexpected, because I didn't plan on meeting that person. We met by chance at a bar, when one night at a club, my friends arrived super late at the meeting point, and I was at the bar waiting for them, but you know, a girl alone at the bar can be misunderstood.

I was going for my fourth cocktail when a very handsome and presentable man sent me a drink with a waiter, I thanked him from my seat with a gesture of "thank you" and "cheers." But I quickly turned around, I didn't mean to flirt, I just wanted my friends to come quickly so we could dance together and chat. And a few minutes later the handsome man approached me.

He made friendly talk to me, you know, the typical bar conversation and the typical flattery, couldn't be absent of course. And I did not want to seem too abrupt, since I was really bored of waiting and for a moment, I came to think that my friends would not make it. So, I wanted that night to at least be worthwhile and have fun. Ultimately, that was the goal.

When my friends finally arrived, Valentin and I had already meshed, I adored him the most when he offered to invite my friends and me to a better place.

And surrounded by 4 beautiful girls, that gallant walked out the door like a real Casanova, in the company of these beauties. So, we got to another "nice" bar and some friends of his where already there, the party got bigger and we continued to enjoy our incipient friendship.

I Don't Usually Go to Bed With Men on the First Date, But ...

I don't know why, but he seemed like a genuinely nice and reliable person, so I agreed to go to his house, I must clarify, that I don't usually go to bed with men on the first outing, but with Valentin I broke my rule and it worked, it was worth taking the risk, since a good occasional relationship grew out of it that I thoroughly enjoyed.

For him to invite my friends and me to have drinks, it was evident that he was undoubtedly a wealthy person, or someone who liked to blow money, but when we got to his apartment, it was more than clear that he was the first. It was an apartment located in one of the best areas of the city, with a first-rate interior decoration. You could see the class and the wealth everywhere.

The morning after the night of drinks and good sex, he surprised me with a luxurious breakfast, because he turned out to be a Chef and besides, he had his restaurant one block from his apartment.

Gourmet food, wow! I felt like I had won the lottery with him. In fact, he was not very old; he was only 38 years old. And she had an enviable body and a magazine cover face, aside from his other attributes. Boy, did I enjoy his company during those months together.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Sugary Relationships

With him I traveled all over the country, as he was a person who constantly prepared himself by taking courses or graduates and enjoyed having fun like me, so there was always something to do and he invited me on his recurring adventures.

I also learned a little about the culinary art with him, real and quality food, which later helped me to have a good time with my other conquests, knowing a good taste for gourmet food, leaving a good impression. Believe it or not, it is important to have class to eat even.

There were more men later, if I remember correctly, there have been 5 or 7 Sugar Daddies that I’ve had in my life. But at the beginning it was all momentary fun, it was something new to me, and I was thinking of enjoying everything to the fullest, but I was not aware that while I could enjoy it, I could also turn that into better and more benefits.

I met a very dear friend and above all, a kind of "guide" who helped me settle down and maturely take on these relationships that, although were pleasant, should also be meaningful and of great use.

This friend of mine, named Barbara, taught me through her experience as Sugar Baby, the things that she had achieved, although we had different ambitions, we both had similar goals. And she shared some of her anecdotes with me and how she managed to get the most out of her Sugary Experiences.

I Got My Sugar Daddy to Support Me By Investing in my Project

I was about to turn 30 years old and I had not really done something with life, I continued depending on the circumstances, I had already finished my career a while ago but depended on a company, in the labor aspect, and I did not achieve my independence, and I began to feel a little frustrated about that, because I wanted to be my own boss, I wanted to play in the big leagues and not depend on anyone, live a relaxed life and I was not doing it nor was I close to achieving it.

Barbara told me on more than one occasion that I could get a man to invest in my project to start my own law firm, but that I needed to be very clever, patient, and meticulous to do it. I suppose I minimized her advice repeatedly, until one day I said to myself “why not?

I already had my Sugar Daddy at that time, the same one I have today, he is the one with whom I have lasted the most years and the one who has helped me a lot in all this.

He is a very wealthy businessman, he has invested a lot in my project and thanks to him I finally got it, I told you that tomorrow is the big day.

Of course, I showed Raúl my capabilities and the seriousness of the matter, it is not like he suddenly decided to support me in something as important as it is to basically, be a capitalist partner in a business. 

We had been together for 3 years and for a year, I have been seducing him with the idea of ​​investing and supporting me in my work project. And I have succeeded.

Make Your Moments With That Special Man Have Deeper Meaning and Benefits

With him things have been more serious than with my previous Sugar Daddies, in my memories I have that girl full of life, but with distorted ambitions and priorities. A beautiful girl in her full 20s who only cared about having a good time but couldn't see past that night or that day. A girl who lived by the day and lacked intelligence, for reals!

You cannot wait for life to give you opportunities, you must be the owner of your own ambitions and aspirations. Believe me that youth is not eternal, that you can have the world at your feet right now but tomorrow, as the song "Time" by Pink Floyd says: And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.

Maybe my goals would have been achieved a few years ago, but it took me a bit, although luckily, I made it. I don't know if you are in the same situation as me, or if perhaps you are in the situation of my young and lively self, but keep in mind that time flies by and that you need to put your feet on the ground.

Don't wait for that to happen, just make it work. Enjoy it very much, and at the same time give it real value.

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