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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

True Sugar Baby Experience

It is becoming increasingly common to find people worldwide who enjoy the Sugary World, (by that I mean Sugar daddies, Sugar Mommies and Sugar Babies), but the real question is, why is it being accepted more and more often?

It seems that the typical stereotypes of a conventional relationship are no longer as popular, the mold has been broken for the "holding hands" relationships, courtship, commitment, or perhaps, a collective conclusion was reached that it was It is necessary to create a new type of romantic relationships, more modern in accordance with the fast-paced times of today.

The only sure thing here is that times have changed, and with it of course, ideas. Social advances throughout history have opened the way to more progressive ideas where both women and men have the right to have an equal opinion, no one is more or less, therefore, the values ​​have also been adapted to the new more equitable types of life.

Now a woman can demand as much as a man, she can express herself freely without being judged or belittled, of course, there are still exceptions, we do not live in a pink bubble, but freedom of expression is increasingly accepted; a woman can now do things that were previously considered exclusive for the male sex, and vice versa, now a man can do things that were previously exclusive for women.

Even today there are men who stay at home, taking care of the children and the house and it is the woman who goes to work, the roles are reversed, the role play changes completely, and this makes the coexistence and the family finances function, she may earn more money than him and that is why they reach such an agreement. Of course, there are still many people who live with outdated ideas of male and female roles, what "should be" according to past times.

With situations like this, the taboo of what a man and a woman should or should not do is increasingly broken, and more room is given to the freedom to decide for what you want and not for what society imposes on you according to a few concepts. All of this brings us to a peculiar theme: The Sugary World.

The women and men who decide to be part of this trend have their reasons truly clear, and there is a story behind each situation, more reasons, less reasons, are what lead someone to make decisions that could change their life for the better, such as it has been for most of the girls or boys who have given themselves the opportunity to opt for a sponsor.

Another aspect that has possibly given way to Sugar Relations is that, as currently in the business and labor world the rule of competitiveness prevails, people are almost forced, so to speak, to work and to work hard to secure their jobs or their businesses, therefore, do not leave much free time for interpersonal relationships, the time they have free is used in other things.

Hence the rise of social networks, where from the comfort of home or office people can connect without much effort, meet new folks, saving time to go out and carry out a laborious search for "objectives" to meet and without detours.

Meeting people on the internet has basically become a necessity, it has revolutionized our way of interacting due to our accelerated work or school lives, it is not a negative aspect as many make it seem, as long as we do not lose the "face to face" aspect , we can take advantage of internet tools to save time in meeting the ideal person with whom we want to share a relationship, but carrying it out is the main challenge.

Throughout the world the same scenario is glimpsed, people with little time to meet people, opt for the internet, look for something specific, carry it out and thus satisfy the natural need to live with others, also, there are the golden and enviable cases of people who simply want to save themselves the hassle of leaving home by being able to meet people comfortably and taking the time to find the right person thru an app.

There are also people who have already retired or whose jobs allow them to dispose of their time freely, what an envy! Well, each person has their reasons why they use this or that method to meet like-minded people.

Those who give themselves the opportunity to enjoy a Sugary Relationship usually agree that a relationship of this style is more pleasant because they are not tied to a forced and annoying commitment, they feel the freedom to be who they are without having to pretend to be who they are not.

They can do their daily activities without giving explanations to anyone, the fact of being able to enjoy their time without limitations, they save courtship, they save time at the beginning of the relationship, they can be more specific when asking what they want from the relationship, they come to agreements more easily, and endless benefits found in Sugar Relationships.

Some of the experiences they have shared with us: “... John has been an especially important person in my life, he financed part of my professional career and then gave me the money I needed to open my own boutique and that was the beginning, Fortunately I already have more branches in other places, I am my own boss.

I met him through an event at the university where several local businessmen were invited to give a lecture on micro and macro-enterprises, it was very unexpected, but we both got hooked and that's how we started the relationship, he already had experience in this sense, for me it was the first, and the last SD actually.

But if you ask me, I do not regret anything, I have come to think that without him, it would have cost me a lot to achieve what I achieved in a short time, he was undoubtedly a key piece of my personal and professional success.

I lived the best moments with him, I met new places, new experiences, I even learned to give myself my own value as a person, I was very insecure before meeting him, but I learned that when you want something you must trust yourself, that it does not matter if one person helps you achieve your dreams.

This does not detract from your achievement; you can use the necessary means to achieve your goals, as long as you do not lose the objective, and along the way, you can also enjoy, it is not true that you have to suffer to deserve ... ”( sugar baby Karla, 33 years old).

“... After my divorce I tried other unconventional ways of relationships that were more pleasant and with less pressure, before it was not called as it is now; I met many girls so I have had a great time in these previous years and even today; It is very pleasant for me to be able to enjoy my time with girls younger than me, they are all very beautiful and they fill me with vitality.

I feel very comfortable with maidens, they have seemed to me the best type of relationships in life, there are no alleges of any kind, you never have to give explanations, you can take the necessary time between each meeting without having to comply with a tight schedule against the clock.

I have incredibly beautiful memories of the girls I remember; I have helped many girls with their needs, and we both always came out winning. I don't know what’s become of all of them today, but the last thing I remember is that they all had their projects, and I was part of them, it has been nice to be able to help them achieve them, just as they helped me have magical moments.

I'm not sure if at some point I will have a formal relationship with a woman again, maybe, I don't know, but what I do know is that I really enjoy myself, in this way, and I won't change it for anything, today I am a proud Sugar Daddy, and I love it ...” (Marco, 58 years old).

“... Once you enter this game you understand many things that you did not understand before; For example, I had friends who bragged about their exploits with older ladies, they bragged about how much fun they had with them, and their benefits, but it always seemed somewhat of bad taste.

I thought it was not right for a boy to get involved with an older woman for her money, that is was not correct under any circumstances; for a woman to give money to a man, but I believed that because I had the wrong concepts.

Fortunately, I expanded my horizons, I gave myself the opportunity to experience it, I dared to have a relationship of this type; I was still a university student, and there came a time when I had to find another source of income.

I went on an exchange to another country, on behalf of the university, and being there in Australia, everything was going well, the downside was that the scholarship did not cover some expenses that I had to make, so I looked for a job, but since they only allow you to work there a certain number of hours a week when you are a student, I was very limited, but for my great luck, I met Sarah.

She was an independent woman, a businesswoman, with a lot of money, she was a dream of any man, besides being very pretty, she was intelligent, an exceptional woman.

We met at the restaurant where I worked as a waiter, for some reason she noticed my situation, I don't know if she had been observing me, I have no idea, but she came over to talk to me, and soon after, we started dating, and she offered to help me pay for the expenses that I needed to cover, I immediately told her that it was not necessary, but she explained to me about this type of relationship.

I was completely ignorant, that was when I realized the things that my friends boasted about, this is what they referred to! I did not want to see myself too closed minded and I accepted, and the truth is that in my personal experience it was very pleasant to have been able to live that.

I don't know what would have happened if I didn't accept Sarah's help, besides that I learned a lot from her, currently we still greet each other from time to time through chat, I will always hold her in a very high esteem ... "(Dario, 30 years old)

sugar mommy

"... I am an adult woman, I have my own company, aside from the inheritance my husband left me due to our divorce, I can enjoy my life now, as I please, I can say that I have done of everything and I am still looking new challenges, new adventures, I don't close myself to anything.

My children are old and independent, I live alone but I am almost never at home because I spend my time traveling, I really like to see new places, anyone who knows me knows that I am adventurous and I cannot be still in the same place for a long time.

Within my adventures I can say that I always have the luxury of spending my time with young people, boys younger than me, they are a great company and I really enjoy being around them, even though it sounds ironic, I learn a lot from them, since we are from different eras both they and I have a lot to talk about and a lot to teach each other.

The people who are close to me know about this, I have never been a hypocritical woman, I don’t like the idea of ​​having a double life, or a double standard, that is not for me, I think that when you have already worked hard in the life and you have already won many battles, you have the right and freedom to be yourself, limiting oneself by "what will they say" is something old, absurd and meaningless.

I consider myself successful and very pretty for my age, so I make use of my banal virtues; I currently have a splendid SB, I love him very much, he is very special to me, he is not the first, but he is especially unique, we met a year ago, and our relationship is as fresh as the first day.

It makes me feel good knowing that I can support him with the things he needs, he is about to graduate this year and it is cause for celebration for both of us, I have also been part of that triumph ... ”(Beatriz, 47 years old).

The four previous testimonies are just a small pinch within a handful of experiences that occur worldwide, the reasons abound, but all agree that they would do it again, it is worth having a free and happy relationship with a person. What are you waiting for to dare!

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