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By: Sandra April 9, 2020

The True Philosophy About Sugar Dating

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Let’s talk about things that we like as Sugar Babies, I know that we all have something to talk about in this matter, and I am sure that we all have different reasons to be what we are, and I know, without mistake, the great majority have more positive than negative experiences when it comes to sugar dating.

Between us, what beat you to become a Sugar Baby? The truth is that each one of the stories is interesting, and each is different in many ways, each girls’ motives are unique, with light coincidences, but in the end, each have an unmatched authenticity.

Being a Sugar Baby goes way beyond the superficiality with which the subject is handled. I don’t know if you have thought about the personal improvement of the people who are involved in this type of relationship, it is as it is; These relationships are based on the necessary and fair agreements to make things work for both parties.

I don’t know who was the genius that thought of giving rise to these relationships, which would be an interesting topic to investigate, and I will contemplate it in the next installment, today we are going to philosophize about the wonders of sugary relationships. Because this is what drives us.

Why it's Important to Try New Things?

The philosophy that surrounds these relationships is based on pure hedonism, everything is pleasure and nothing else, everything is well-being, "always happy, never unhappy", are we? Those of us who have already gone through such an experience know that, indeed, a good attitude is an indispensable requirement and therefore this leads us to happiness and fulfillment.

"Come on, mature guys really like to spoil young girls." And tell me who looks a gift horse in the mouth? we can say that we are both in need of affection and something more, and that the wonderful idea of ​​getting it in the shortest possible time, bluntly and effectively, has been created.

Because, as you see it, sugary relationships are executed quickly: you want, I want, let's do it! Leaving aside the childishness of a relationship and courtship that used to be the old fashioned "official", let's say. No more detours! Welcome to today.

We Enjoy Doing Things Together

We are going through an accelerated time, the demand for time is increasing. If we break down these two factors, the thing will look something like this:

Young people, like you and me, those who are called "millennials" were born with a hidden timer in our DNA, we do not know the word "patience", and it is not that we do not want to or do not understand what it is about, it is simply that there are more and more possibilities to grow, more demand, a lot of competition, and we all want to be number one. And you know that there is only room for one person to fill that position. So yes, we are almost always against the clock, time is what we value the most, because over time you make or break as you please, time is the stage to achieve everything or nothing.

Now, the mature are in the same situation, but in reverse, when a millennial knows that she has her entire life, that the movie is just beginning and that there is a lot to see, but despair is due to the emotion of knowing, our dear mature men know that the clock is coming to an end, and they need to complete their wishes and desires, they cannot allow themselves to leave without first conquering their own goals, and like us young women, they are going against the clock, we both go in opposite directions, for somewhat different motivations, but finally, against the clock.

Could this be the reason why sugar babies and sugar daddies exist in their sugary world? I do not doubt it, because they both seek extremes, to have a good time, find new things and not leave without having something to tell, close your eyes and know that you are on the right path, feeling and living, allowing yourself to be happy, and knowing how to live in the moment. Eat the world, as is!

The Perfect Match

Both parties share that excitement for life and have found to satisfy that need for "more and more", reaching the perfect agreement: the mature man already has well-traveled mileage, he already has economic stability to offer the sponsorship of the "party", and the young girl offers her beautiful company, and the two of them make an extraordinarily perfect combo. In the end, it is like both of you are looking for the exact same thing, and better yet, you both get something that leads to maximum satisfaction.

Of course, this is talking about the fun aspect, because you see, sugary relationships are like an onion, each time you will find more and more layers, the depth is such that you do not quite understand its beautiful complexity, and I think prudish society turns out somewhat unfair when they point so lightly and distastefully to sugar relationships, they cannot see the background it carries, and they don't want to allow themselves to understand it.

This is like an ode for those sugar daddies and sugar babies that are out there, scattered I do not know where in the world, but I know they exist, who smile when remembering or talking about their agreement, and for those girls who have achieved to move forward thanks to this agreement, we all deserve to be heard and not belittled by vague prejudices.

There are hundreds and thousands of people around the world who find great benefit in this type of relationship, because they have goals that in one way or another, they have managed to achieve using the benefits of a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, I don’t see why it cannot be that a mature man benefits from the company of a young woman.

Older Man With Much Younger Woman

This type of relationship provides benefits in both ways that flow through its driver. On the one hand, there is that mature man who wants to share his time with a woman, because it is simply a human need, and as we had spoken in another article, curiously men opt for young women due to a genetic condition, the preservation of the spice. Unconsciously, the man will look for the young woman because this implies a greater possibility of fertilization, and of course, let's not be scared, it is just a curious fact, I am not saying "go and have a family" haha.

So, if the mature man has the need to share his time with a younger woman, either because nature calls, or because it is simply his taste, he is free to do so, because he can and wants, what other reason is needed? And finding a sugar baby manages to satisfy that need, and of course, it will most likely be a man who does not have the time to woo the old-fashioned way, so this agreement fits him like a glove.

On the other hand, we have the young girl, who may need a little help to get ahead, she may have excessively big plans for her life, and she may be a person who works hard to achieve it, but that little push is missing. And I say it like this because on more than one occasion they have told me that I like the things easy, for opting to be a sugar baby, and I think it is a very unfair accusation, and I am sure that more than one could identify with me, I speak for them and for myself.

My Relationship is My Business Quotes

How can I be a girl who wants everything handed to her if I have two jobs, study college and am a single mom? I paint well to fall into the clutches of the dark side, right? The truth is that I love stability, so a relationship with a sugar daddy is perfect for me, they make me feel good, they support me financially and I am safe with a one single person, it is as any common couple, the difference is that he is sane.

I know that there is more than one girl in my situation, so the people that judge us, put yourself in our shoes.

Maybe the negative biases come from the fact that most sugar daddies are married men, and I can understand the why, and of course it is a truly sensitive issue, and I don't want to offend anyone or hurt susceptibilities, the only thing I can say is that each person is free and does not belong to anyone, and each is responsible for their own actions. I am sorry if Disney brainwashed us on the subject of love.

So, as you can see if a girl agrees t these arrangements, she has a very valid reason to do so. And if that special man wants to contribute, great. Help is help, here and in China and each chooses the cause that best suits them, because this is ultimately about a cause, motivation, regardless of the fun, it is support for a person who has goals.

Welcome to Sugar Land

Again, being a sugar baby or sugar daddy goes beyond sex, money, let's not be so vulgar to believe that it is just that, and if that is how you think, excuse me, but you do not honor this style of "romance”.

If you are a mature man who thinks to about contributing socially, (because this is so in the long term, a social contribution), and you sponsor a girl's professional career, her business, or advise her, whatever kind of help you offer, believe that you are doing a greater good by boosting productivity, that woman who benefits from you is a functional person for society, and you are even contributing to the local economy, to say.

And someone may tell me; the things you say! But it really is how it is, and as I say it, that is why I said at the beginning, talking about this topic in a superficial way is unfair, because it is about changing lives, improving things, helping a person achieve their goals, to share, to grow, to be happy. And if you are a girl who needs support, consider this option, it is a subtle suggestion that I can make.

Welcome to those who plan to enter this world, and well for those who are already part of it, we would love to hear your opinions and anecdotes about it.

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