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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

The Sugar Baby Experience Of A Bad Girl … Very Bad

There is no manual where you are shown all the steps to follow to make your way into this world, in which even with the slightest oversight you run the risk of being crushed without expecting it, you cannot afford to be completely naïve, you must have one eye on the game and the other on your surroundings, planning the next play.

I do believe that women are the weaker sex, maybe not as before, but, if you think about it more deeply in reality, we are still at a disadvantage compared to our peers, the male sex; We still see that in job offers men have the advantage, better positions, better salaries, and in other areas of daily life, they still have the upper hand. 

For instance, despite living in a modern age, where we are supposed to have shed sexual prejudices, where sexual freedom is no longer a taboo subject, the truth is that social criticism is still overwhelming with regards to sexuality, the stereotype of the macho man is still more accepted, it is assumed that the man is allowed to have more than one sexual partner and it is considered normal, where if a woman dares to try this model of romantic life, she is criticized, repressed, frowned upon, and seen as a “tramp”.

I say the above because it’s the reality, whether we like it or not, we have a long way to go to leave all these prejudices behind, and I mean leave them seriously, we like to think that we are already going through an era of open mindedness and that we can refer to mental oppression as a past issue, my opinion is that the foundations to transcend the issue are already planted, we just need to get rid of the ghosts of those retrograde ideas, I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.

Women Are Free to Choose Our Role, and I Stay With the Traditional Model

In my personal experience this has been the case, I speak of course from my point of view and my most vivid anecdotes, which are the ones that have left a good or bad taste in my mouth as the case may be; And it is not that I am angry with the idea that men rule this world, not at all, maybe I am grateful about it, because personally, I would not like to carry on my shoulders the responsibilities that they carry.

The men in that role who work must take care of a family, look after the interests of their girl, it is their responsibility to put "food" on the table, meet the "whims" of their beloved, invite her friends, pay for trips to the movies, to the restaurant and every outing they have, all this and more is something that I would not like to deal with even by mistake. Women are free to choose our role, and I stay with the traditional model, only making slight modifications regarding sexual freedom as well.

I am in favor of a man taking care of me, and although I may sound the worst to more than one feminist, the truth is that this role has worked for me, I am grateful to the men in my life because they have known how to look after my interests to this day, from men I have obtained what I have needed, when I have needed it and I don’t have anything to complain about, on the contrary, thanks to them for having been through thick and thin and because even in the present I don't lack a male figure.

I come from a traditionalist family and well-off economically, although I could've had my life resolved, if I had known how to take better advantage of my position as the daughter of a wealthy businessman, I would possibly not have been involved in the difficulties in which I found myself in what I call the worst time of my life, which at the same time was necessary to make me understand many important things in life.

Looking back, I used to be a spoiled, rich girl, who had always found life easy, but no one told her that there would be a heavy price to pay if she strayed from the "good" path. By this I mean that my father would not leave my share of the inheritance to me if he found me unable to intelligently carry on his legacy.

And it was exactly what I did, I grew up not knowing that one day they would pass the baton on to me, that that was the idea, it is highly likely that my father or my mother let me know, but of course, I did not listen to them.

I started my adolescence with the idea that I could get everything I wanted, that if I asked for something, I would get it, that the consequences of my actions would always be light, that I had nothing to worry about because I had the support of my parents so adorably wealthy and understanding, who would always watch over the welfare of their "little daughter."

I always attended private schools, where I surrounded myself with girls and boys just like me, mommy and daddy's children, where our only interest in life was to have fun, where money was the least of worries, empty spaces were always full, I didn't know the shortcomings at that time in my life, and I was sure that it would always be that way.

In high school I met a girl who would be my doom, I even felt a lesbian attraction for her, she was my inseparable partner in crime; we were made in the same mold. The same prototype of a rich girl, pampered and spoiled, used to having everything she wanted granted to her, we did things for the first time in each other's company.

The first time I smoked, the first time we kissed a boy, the first time I was arrested for shoplifting at a store, all that nonsense and many more. And yes, I say the first time "I was arrested", because there was a second time and indeed, with this friend.

We made the mistake of getting involved with a mobster boy who seemed harmless. Roughly speaking, he dealt drugs, we bought from him time to time, but we became friends.

The police came to one of our recreational parties, and they seized drugs and other illegal things, but unfortunately, we got "smeared", our families had to get us the best lawyers, and although we could not be charged as drug dealers, we did commit some infractions of the law, and we found ourselves in the distressful situation of serving a 3 years prison sentence, the original sentence was 5 years but they reduced it to 3 for good behavior, besides the fact that our case was considered to be reopened to evaluate it again.

We certainly had good lawyers. We served our time in Christina Melton Crain, Texas. And of course, after this we were booked, goodbye visa and any privilege in the USA. Goodbye altogether to those meetings in the home of our Texan dealer and “good friend”, a lesson learned.

Even today, I do not regret anything, because I have always tried to see the positive side of things, and I think that this bad experience in prison made me mature, I learned the most important lessons of my life, I became more humble and I understood that the world owes me nothing, that my parents don't have to clean up each of my mistakes, that I am responsible for my own life and that I must make the right decisions because the consequences will be inevitable, that the rules are not always made to be broken.

I did not receive any visits from my relatives when I was in prison, I understood that I was alone, that they had turned their back on me and that I had lost my place in the family, at least as a heir, and I was angry with everyone at first, I resented it a lot, but after a short time I understood that the only person responsible had been me and no one else.

Because I had a chance to do something productive all that time that I wasted being stupid. I could not blame my friend or my parents for what was happening to me, I had many opportunities not to fall into the mistake, but I choose the adventurous path.

When I got out of prison I did not get the welcome that I would have liked but I faced it, my parents did everything they could to get me out of there, but they decided that from now on it would have to cost me to get ahead, and boy did I suffer, because I was used to it to the good life, although I had already become softer in that sense while I was in prison.

I was grateful to life for having managed to get out of that hell and I wanted to think that from now on I would do things better, that I would avoid problems and try to abide by social rules. I assure you; I didn't want any more trouble. I returned to Monterrey, "home sweet home."

In Mexico, and I suppose that, in any other country in the world, when you get out of jail it is very difficult to be given the opportunity to find a decent and well-paid job, it was my first reality check back to the "free" world.

I looked for "decent" jobs but almost all of them asked me for a non-criminal record and having cut short the career I had just started when I was arrested, of course it would be impossible for me to work in a formal or at least acceptable place. And it occurred to me that I could go work in a nightclub, as a waitress, after all I am attractive.

So, I bet on my only card under the table, my physical beauty. They immediately accepted me at the first bar that I entered, I chose the one that seemed most decent of all, because I looked for some options before deciding, and I can tell you that I felt a little bad that day.

I was afraid of what was to come, without my family who saw over me, I was afraid of not being able to get ahead and even worse, of exposing myself to something happening to me in that nighttime environment. In prison, you learn about many things that you think are only possible in your imagination. 

I remember very well a girl from prison with whom I shared a conversation on more than one occasion, she was an exotic dancer, better known in our country as "teiboleras", when she told me about the monetary figures she earned in one night, it seemed insignificant, but when I saw myself forlorn in every way, I thought that kind of money would suit me well.

So, I decided to follow her example step by step. She started out exactly like this, first she became a waitress in a bar or strip club, and she learned from the girls who worked there, and then she became a dancer. That was my goal.

I did it. In my fucking life I had never worked, less as a waitress, so my nerves betrayed me on more than one occasion. I spilled drinks, mis-served the glasses, etc. But men were always nice, I don't know any man who is rude to a beautiful woman.

After almost 6 months of working as a waitress, I was encouraged to ask for an opportunity to work as a dancer, they did the test and they said yes, of course, before this my roommate, one of the dancers at that club, had already taught me how it was done. And it was just as I was turning 24 that I had my first show as a rookie exotic dancer at that club.

Several clients already knew me as the cute waitress of the place, and I had my "admirers" who had repeatedly offered to pay me for sex, but I never accepted.

Without lying to you I made $ 3,000 pesos that night, between tips and the bar pay, I was excited because I made that much money in such little time, while my friend the expert told me that it was a little, she was used to more money, I could not avoid thinking that I was on the right track.

I Am Grateful to the Men in my Life, Especially my Sugar Daddy.

I did that job for about a year or less. Until I met my dear Sugar Daddy, a wealthy and splendid man who one night said to me, "mija, you don't belong here."

This is how this fabulous man began his story in my life, he is a politician who was a usual customer at that club, the VIP area of ​​course, on one of my lucky nights I had to liven his visit, and it was that we had contact for the first-time. He began to visit me about two or three times a week, until he fulfilled his promise to get me out of that life.

We used to have long talks and we got to know each other little by little, he was delighted with my beauty, and my way of being, he has always told me that I am a classy woman who, despite everything, it was remarkable that I didn't fit into that environment.

That if I allowed him, he could offer me a better life, and I thought he was one of many clients who says this, in fact, there are many jokes about it, about men who get drunk and tell the girls in bars they will take them out of that life. Well, in my case, it became a reality.

After a month of frequenting each other, he gave me the keys to a small, beautiful, and cozy apartment, and a car, I thought it was too good to be true, that perhaps the price would be very high, but it was evident that for him this was nothing.

He confessed that he had been encouraged to this with me, because he had observed at the bar that I do not go to bed with any man for money, plus the fact that he had investigated me and had verified that my story was real, that I come from a wealthy family.

We've had this agreement for a year, almost immediately I resumed my university career, I had to start from scratch, but I have tried to take advantage of this second chance in my life, this time I want to do things right.

My Sugar Daddy is a married man with a hugely different life than the one he leads with me when he escapes. We have a genuinely nice relationship, we are good friends, and I am immensely grateful to him because he trusted me, also thanks to him I was able to prove to my family that I have rehabilitated and that I have matured.

I frequent my parents now and we have recovered our family relationship. After finishing my degree, I plan to work in the field, I have plans for my life that I am sure I will be able to carry out.

And of course, I repeat what I said before, I am grateful to the men in my life, especially to my Sugar Daddy who has been a kind of "savior" and without him I would possibly continue to work night after night in that sad bar.

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