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By: Sandra June 3, 2020

How To Move In With The Sugar Daddy?

Hello! My name is Diana, I am 20 years old and I am not studying currently. I work in the family business – A jewelry store. I just recently moved out into my own apartment, I used to live with my parents before then. I have no children or anyone else to care for besides me. Therefore, I am living my life as I please for now, and I assure you that I love it!

If you had met me a year ago, you wouldn’t recognize me. I used to be a very introverted girl, you wouldn’t see me out on the weekends as you would now, or meeting out with friends, in fact I didn’t even have friends I was more of a hermit and to be honest very embittered. But it’s true that people change, and I am a clear example. I am now the complete opposite of what I was before and I feel like a new person, I like the new version I’ve become. But every change has a motive and mine has a name, his name is Mauricio, he is 32 years old but he looks a lot younger than he is.

It was a beautiful coincidence that united us; it was such a dreamy day, sunny, bright and so perfect, that day was our day. And if you haven’t noticed, I am a dreamer and I believe in destiny. I believe that nothing happens by chance and I am always on the lookout for signals, every signal is meaningful to me.

That beautiful day (our day) came in July, Mauricio walked into the jewelry store looking for advice. I was alone at the store that day and I didn’t know where to start, good thing it was a slow day, everything was pretty calm, until his arrival.

He asked me for the best option to gift his mother, his way of explaining the magnitude of the value the gift must have was so ingenious I found it funny. He said he needed a gift that said “I am very sorry to have forgotten you yesterday, I hope this gift will compensate you, I love you”. I immediately understood his sarcasm ad tried to answer him in his own language, because although back then I was not very friendly, I still tried to be nice to our clients.

There were smiles from our first encounter. I wouldn’t have imagined that a client would later become a special person in my life, it was just unplanned for. Without a joke, before he left, he said he would come back to this jewelry shop just for the customer service because he found the nicest person he had met all day. I didn’t know if there was any attraction or if it was the little interaction we had, but I supposed he was having a bad day and he appreciated meeting a friendly face. And he left.

I never imagined that he would fulfill what he had said about coming back, I took it as from any other customer, I didn’t think more of it. But he came back two days later to thank me (at least that was his excuse), he said his mother was delighted with the jewelry set he gave her. There was another girl in the showcase that day and he asked for me, he described me and the girl working that day said “Oh yes, Diana! She is not in today but she will be back tomorrow”. I guess he felt somewhat disappointed when he didn’t find me there. The next day Paola, the girl in the showcase told me that a client came in looking for me, and when she told me what he said I knew right away who it was. I was very surprised because it is not common for someone to come back to thank you, I would say it happens about one in a million.

I thought he would return the next day and I went to the store. I had a retrospective view and remembered that he was very handsome and seemed like a very nice man, and just thinking of him intrigued me. It was then that I thought he must’ve felt some attraction towards me, otherwise he would’ve not returned. I asked Paola to go out for lunch around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I wanted to stay alone at the store because I figured that handsome man would come back at the same time. I imagined he was an executive who worked office hours.

It was a little after 3:30 when that male figure that had dazzled me that sunny day just a few days ago came back. We crossed a gaze and spontaneously smiled at each other. I welcomed him as he walked up to the showcase by saying “Hey! You again, did your mom like her gift”? – he nodded yes and a roguish boy’s look went with him. He told me that he wanted to thank me and that he owed me one. I told him it was not necessary but he proceeded to say truth was he couldn’t find a better excuse to see me again but he really liked me and wanted to get to know me (I already knew that; it was more than obvious).

As we walked out to leave, I expressed that I had no problems in meeting with him since I was single and free. We talked a little as we waited for Paola to come back from lunch. I would’ve normally not accepted his invite to lunch, I would’ve rather been offended by such proposal, but for some reason it was different with Mauricio. The relationship with him was so natural it was as if I had known him for a lifetime.

We went to eat at the same shopping center that the store was in. Of course, I felt comfortable with him but even so, I wasn’t going to go out with a stranger to an unfamiliar place. We had a flowing conversation as we had lunch. I learned several things about him and the most important of those things was that I knew we has the kind of man I wanted for me. He told me he was going through a terrible divorce and was trying to get custody of his children and endless personal details that are merely irrelevant at the moment.

That afternoon I also learned that love has different presentations. I then believed that what they say so much is true, love comes when you least expect it. The truth is that I fell in love with Mauricio since that afternoon that the very barbarian invited me to eat. From there that man kidnapped my emotions, and I happily gave him entrance.

We can’t hold an open relationship because he cannot offer that, at least for now. I don’t know that he will be able too in the future but I don’t really care either. We are now living a relationship that makes me cheerful and full of light. I am no longer that embittered girl who was stuck in the shadows. Mauricio flipped my world around and turned me heads up down! Things have been so crazy with him since the beginning, he makes me feel anxious to experience new things and I am enjoying every bit of it. I love the new version I’ve become.

We started off by going out once a week, he would always receive me with some sort of detail, it was something different every time, from a simple rose, it didn’t matter what it was but he always had something to give to me. He is indeed very detail oriented; I remember walking out of the store on several occasions to find him smiling as he leaned on his car waiting for me accompanied by those sunny days that make it unforgettable. He used to surprise me at times when I didn’t know he was coming but I was always eager and happy to see him, till today that has not changed.

I still haven’t told my parents about him, my siter is the only one that knows. My parents know me well enough to know that my drastic change is due to someone, I just can’t tell them that I have a SD that I fell in love with and that we almost live together. Nope don’t think so! Haha. I prefer to keep it as is, in anonymity. I think only a few will understand this type of relationship and I get it, I also know that some people consider me stupid for “abiding” to the type of relationship that he can offer, but I don’ think so.

Since our relationship started everything in my life has changed, I feel the need to explore the unknown, learn, travel the world, meet new people, experiment new things, my mind has become more open, that’s exactly how I feel; a lot more open minded.

We like to spend time together and we are meeting a lot more frequently. In the beginning he would come look for me at the shop where we have the jewelry store, his schedule varies though. He has a printing press in Cuernavaca and a few others in Mexico City and Puebla and he also has a local newspaper in Veracruz. He travels a lot for business purposes, so sometimes we just met for a walk.

He is very social and loves to party, I found that I started letting myself loose since I met him. We go to the club every weekend and he is very cool to be around, we live the party life together and then we end up in our apartment for a change. The apartment is a recent thing, it turns out that Mau likes to spend time with me, he proposed to have a place for the two of us that was personalized, and the idea sounded great, and it has been. I hope everything stays this wonderful.

I made a story up to my parents about getting a part time job elsewhere and that I would save up my earnings from that job and the jewelry store to become independent. Oh wow! I still remember the days when we where looking for apartments to find our love niche. I remember it with a lot of charm, as we used to make up stories to the people who showed us the apartment, such as; we were newlyweds, I was pregnant, we where new to the city, among others. But for some dumb reason we would laugh about it, and we went through with it we never said it was a lie. It was funny to see the landlords adjust their marketing to our made-up stories just to get us to rent their place. Perhaps it was an effort to maintain our relationship, maybe it was jealousy towards the two of us but we used those false story jokes as a resort. When we found the right apartment, we both had that feeling of belonging and we knew this place was meant for us.

I moved my things and I basically decorated this apartment to my liking, because I am the one that lives here, he is the one who pays the rent and the bills but he does not live here fully, he only comes on the weekends and some other day during the week. We watch movies, make love, we cook together and sometimes we invite his friends over for a reunion, a couples get together. Him and I go out on a date every Friday to dinner at least.

We are living the moment as we please. I don’t know if he will return with his wife or if the divorce is something definitive since it’s been a long time but it is not something that worries me because we don’t live together. He has been meeting his part on providing everything that we agreed on and he is very generous. Besides, he only comes a few days throughout the week and I like that. I’ve always had the idea that long distance relationships tend to be more suitable, because you miss each other while you’re apart and when you see each other again you want to make up the time you where away by enjoying each other, so there is no room for bad times.

My life has changed so much since we’ve been together, I find it incredible now to think of what it was like before I had a sugar daddy. I don’t imagine going back to that life, without socializing or going on trips.

I can definitely say that finding this lifestyle is the best change I have experienced.

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