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By: Sandra August 28, 2020

The Famous In Sugar Dating!

Calvin Klein

Hello beautiful people! Today we want to dedicate our lines to a specific sector of readers, we know that they ‘re out there and they deserve our respect and admiration just like any other person; guys who like guys, our most affectionate greetings and we hope you like our article today, dedicated to you who have faced crushing social discrimination and who in your long fight against stereotypes, a struggle that is still a sad reality today, you are increasingly accepted and respected, like any social achievement, it has its negative side but also its positive side, and of course, you are also an important part of the Sugary World. Let’s get started!

You are surely familiar with the term Sugar Daddy / Mommy and Sugar Baby, but just to not let it pass, we refer to an agreement in which a wealthy and older person, (Daddies and Mommies), provides financial benefits to a younger person, (Baby), benefits such as travel, clothing, money, etc. Celebrities are not exempt of this trend that is increasingly common in our society, such is the example of the famous designer Calvin Klein, who at 76 years old flows in the sugary ways of modern love, being a gay Sugar Daddy, with lots of personality and money that he can offer to his young lover, lucky guy who can enjoy these benefits! But before you know about his young wards, how about a recollection of his life?

The famous fashion designer, born on November 19, 1942, grew up in the bowels of the Bronx in a community of Jews in New York. In his 20s, he graduated from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. Six years after graduating, he started his firm Calvin Klein Limited. In the 70's he launched a line of blue jeans, which were increasingly launching him to success in the fashion industry.

He was fortunate to flourish in the Big Apple; After graduating he worked for some time selling coats on Seventh Avenue, but it was until the early 90's that he began to gain popularity and to be noticed as a designer who would revolutionize men's fashion, his way of designing focused on the simplicity of clothing , leaving aside the unnecessary, because many times less is more, (this reminds me of the great Coco Chanel, is the saying that brilliant minds think alike true? hum interesting! Well, well, let's continue with the Klein plot).

Klein is not completely gay, having previously been married to two women. The first of his wives was Jayne Center, they married at 22, he met her at the University, they were career partners, but this young marriage only lasted 10 years; they had a daughter they named Marci, the same one who is now a producer on NBC, Marci Klein. The second of his wives was Kelly Rector, they got married in 1986 and he lasted twice as many years with this wife than he did in his first marriage. It seems to be that the commitment of a long life with a single person is not his strong suit, but it also seems to me that he is a man who knows how to commit a considerable time.

He had kept a low profile in the aspect of his love life, he was not openly a declared bisexual, but until 2010 that he was seen repeatedly with the former porn actor, Nick Gruber, who would be 20 years old and Klein 68 years old, separated by many years of difference, but it was not an impediment to enjoy each other, the agreements of said relationship, of course, only they know; that relationship only lasted scarcely two years. It was over, supposedly, but when Nick was arrested after being hauled out of a DJ music event for possession of cocaine, his good old SD came to the rescue, to support him with rehab treatment.

You might wonder, how did a man of the caliber of Klein get involved with a younger guy, and not just that, ex-porn? I am not surprised by such a relationship, much less the status of the boy who was a porn actor, what seems curious and applaudable to me is when a person with a certain reputation decides to remove the overwhelming chains of social stereotypes and decides to be free. Good! returning to the question, for this there is a very curious answer. We do not know what was on his mind, nor do we know what the reasons were for his failed marriages, but what we do know is about his beginning with Nick; It is important to share with you something that we have already mentioned on previous occasions about the "tips" to carry out relationships of this type; We know that it is very common for SD to be men with a certain status and certain education and social behaviors, from which you can and should learn to be able to accompany him to events or simply to feel comfortable as SB and feel that you can be at his level, and now be it having a serious conversation or accompanying him to a fancy restaurant, etc.

For Klein instructed his young lover before introducing him to his acquaintances as a couple. Yes, as you hear! It turns out that he educated him a bit, taught him to dress and express himself correctly and with acceptable vocabulary - in other words, he polished him up - before introducing him to the world as his gay partner, where they finally rebelled and confirmed the nagging rumors about his sexual orientation that had haunted him for years. He knew perfectly well that he would give a lot to talk about, but he did not want to lose the glamor and on a good move, he wanted to be seen with someone at his level, good for him! Unfortunately, his plans fell apart when the boy did not turn out to be as serious as he expected and they ended their relationship, as we already know. But he is recognized for having been a loyal friend and having supported the young man with his addiction problem.

Nick narrated in a book about his autobiography, that his relationship with the famous was based on the physique and sexual attraction that the wealthy man felt for him, he even talks about the exact amount he received monthly, (7,000 euros) , but it also shows that his loyalty and respect for the famous designer were not solid, since he had sexual encounters with women during the relationship, worse still, with Klein's personal assistant, when he found out about this, he did not like that his young lover broke the exclusivity and coupled with his behavior problems and addictions, is when he decides to end the relationship.

Currently, the icon of men's fashion has been seen accompanied by the young model Kevin Baker, in different gala and fashion events. They are separated by 45 years of difference. The designer's companion is 31 years old and he is 76, but that is not an impediment for them to be seen together in this medium of entertainment. Another curious fact, I don't know what his attraction to porn boys is, but the designer turned his attention to a former porn actor, because who’s now a respected and low-profile model, was called in his past Jacob Johnson, that was his name as a porn actor; the boy has a twin brother named Joel, evil tongues say that there are incestuous-themed photos in that porn past. Possibly so, but we are happy to know that the boy is now a tranquil person and that he has found his Sugar Daddy and does not have the need to do extreme things with his brother to make money.

It is very clear that Calvin Klein enjoys his sexual life free of concealments and is not limited by what other people think of him, he lived many years with the type of relationship that was expected from him, he married women, he loved those women, he had a daughter, however, he was on the lips of many in his midst, since it was thought that he was actually gay, he went like that for years until he finally decided to uncover his sexual reality, he was neither gay nor heterosexual, rather is bisexual. And he allows himself to be loved and pampered by his little millennial, we wish them that the current relationship lasts a generous time and that they enjoy each other to the fullest, since that’s all that matters. We love the stories of famous SD’s and SB’s because they inspire us! Nobody escapes from this reality that is becoming more common and well seen by all.

What can we rescue from this story? The most important thing is to be open to any possibility, you as a man do not escape the same rules that apply to girls. It is necessary to have a good attitude towards the requests of your SD, as Klein did with Nick, he polished him very  well before openly presenting him as his boy, because he knew that in his midst they were going to devour him alive, but at least he wanted it to be worth it, he also knew that he would accompany him to important high society events and that for that reason it would be necessary for his companion boy to know how to get along in the middle, perhaps if Nick had been offended by Klein's requests, their relationship would have gone as far as there, it would have dissolved prematurely and those 7,000 euros a month would not have existed for two glorious years.

We can also learn from mistakes, we already know that drugs are not accompanied by positive things, stay away from them whenever you can please, maybe drinking alcohol in society and smoking a cigarette from time to time will not kill you immediately, or it doesn't make you lose your head either, but even for that, you have to be graceful, drinking a glass or a few glasses of wine, for example, is fine, being a social drinker, as they call it now, is acceptable, but don't overdo it , because in these excesses you end up losing style, class, and any dignity that characterizes you; learn to have limits in your social behavior, don't be a boring robot, just try to have class for everything, even if it seems exaggerated, it is not and your SD will thank you. Not all SD’s take their boys with them to social events where their closest friends are, but if yours does, appreciate the gesture and reward him by "behaving well", it is almost certain that there will be someone who has already told him not to be with young people, that it is a bad idea, and things of that nature, do not agree with them, be a mentally mature man in the body of a fresh young man, there is no better combination!

Never think that your dark past could be an impediment for you to get to know a person of this type and achieve a profitable relationship, look at these two guys, as they well say, "there is a lid for every pot." Having security before life is the best of the attitudes you could have, to allow you to meet a special person, in this sense. Many times we do things that we are not going to be proud of, but we have valid reasons and it is brave to make strong decisions, which will possibly haunt us forever, but that, if we don’t do it, we will not achieve our goals, so it doesn’t matter what you have done in your "dark" past, all this determines your present and is part of you, it does not make you more or less, it only makes you.

Life always rewards us in one way or another, if you think about it that way, SD’s are just that, rewards that you don't expect but that you like, because in them you find the things you were looking for and without so much effort, you come to appreciate those people who make life easier for you, take the opportunity! They are very generous, don't get lost for a second, do something profitable with their financial support and most importantly, be a nice person with him too, the better you treat him, the more you will receive!


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