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By: Sandra August 21, 2020

Rubi: From Ex-Convict To Sugar Baby

One day you're up, the next you're down, and suddenly life aligns itself to its original order and you're back at the top. The ups and downs of life are a natural constant in this world, and sometimes it is impossible to believe that one decision can change your life in a second for better or worse.

My name is Rubi, I am 30 years old today, and I would like to share my experience on what it is like to be a Sugar Baby sometimes people judge others too lightly and they leave so many important details aside, such as the motives and illusions that make a woman decide to become a Sugar Baby.

Everyone has different motivations, each one lives their own story in their own way; I can particularly say that I was very hardheaded in my teenage years and that I made huge mistakes, which I had to pay dearly, since consequently of one of my bad moments I committed a minor crime, and that is how I had to pay a sentence of 6 years in a women's prison.

I was close to turning at the time 18, so I was judged as an adult, and in this story, I would like to save the foul details of my experience in jail, I can only say that no one who has ever been there has ever enjoyed it, no matter how minimal the baseness that is lived in the women's prison, it is one of the worst places on the planet, to which I will never return. I survived that huge bump in my life.

When I came out of that hell they call prison, I was already 24 years old, a little stronger and more mature because of the frightening experience, but there was still one more obstacle: social reintegration. I think that from that point the biggest headache is being judged by others, it is the other sentence you must pay when you are released.

Many of my family members where still angry at me over my huge mistake, (I want to keep my charges to myself, for my privacy, but believe me I did not hurt anyone, my greatest advice to others is to choose your friends wisely and learn to say NO to bad advice and flee from a bad scenario, pay attention to your common sense rather than bad friends). Anyway, I had to experience the rejection of people once I was out, and without a college degree or a defined occupation, my job options and salary were tied to my criminal record, this reduced it too almost nothing or the lowest.

The frustration was enormous, I came to feel that I had no way out and, on a few occasions, I thought I might have to commit a crime again, but this time it would be with awareness of what I was doing, I am ashamed say it, but these ideas did cross my mind several times. However, and to my great fortune, it was not necessary to fall back into that black hole.

While I was working as a waitress in a seafood restaurant near my parents' house, my time was running out to move, as they supported me for a while, but they gave me a deadline to move out and become independent, with all the stress running through my veins to undertake my flight, suddenly, at the least expected moment, I met my Sugar Daddy.

This attractive man with a great bearing, came every Wednesday to the restaurant, always asked for a beer first, looked at the menu and almost always ordered the same thing to eat; always so kind and with his good habit of leaving a generous tip. I would never have imagined that he would be attracted to me, I am good looking, but after spending some years in prison you forget about the glamor and to look at yourself in the mirror with love, sometimes, you forget that you are a person.

 My Sugar Daddy brought me back to life in many ways; Since I met him, my life was reorganized, and I found the riverbed again. Many people easily judge women who make the wise decision to be a Sugar Baby, but as you can see in my case, this has been the most successful and exciting decision I have made in my life, without disregarding that it represents the solution to my problems.

I still remember how I felt that day that my Sugar Daddy asked me out for the first time, who’s name I will keep anonymous for respect towards him; He ordered his food as usual, I had been his waitress for 4 months every Wednesday, until that afternoon he subtly asked me if I would go out with him, I remember that instead of feeling offended, I felt very flattered and special.

I said yes without hesitation, he caught me by surprise, but I appreciated his invitation, and it was then that I remembered how long it had been since I had enjoyed myself; my day off was Thursday, the following day after his invitation, I was looking forward to meeting with this man. I never imagined that he wanted to be my Sugar Daddy, that he wanted to support me and that he already had this in mind.

I had no idea that he already knew almost everything about me, when I knew nothing about him, it turns out he was a close friend of the owner of the restaurant who briefed him on everything he wanted to know about me. That Thursday we went to eat at a genuinely nice and elegant place, I of course was nervous and didn’t know how I should behave, and my best move at that moment was to simply be myself, without pretense.

He explained everything about Sugar Dating, and he proposed me to have a relationship of this style, he told me that he had a basically broken marriage, that they had not slept in the same bed for years, but he would likely never divorce because of his children and to keep up appearances, but that they both lead their lives individually behind the backs of acquaintances and family.

For a moment it seemed of bad taste to me and I thought that this is what all men say, this little story is by far undermined and far-fetched. But still, who was I to judge? I needed an adventure in my life, excitement, joy, company, etc., and I honestly those are the reasons that lead me to accept, beyond the monetary benefits, I did need the money, but the idea of sharing my life with someone filled me with illusion.

I never imagined that being a Sugar Baby would bring so many benefits to my life, especially because of my past in prison. My life instantly turned different colors; I went from one extreme to the other. I was back up, but this time with more wisdom.

A month after our relationship began, he rented me a nice apartment, perhaps it was not the most luxurious thing in the world, but for me it was everything, absolutely everything, my home. Of course, I am a person who knows how to appreciate life, perhaps after all, spending time in prison makes you appreciate the simplest aspects of outer life.

I remember fondly, once my Sugar Daddy took me on a trip to Spain, he was a businessman and before the trip he hired an immigration lawyer to process all the necessary documents to regulate my passport. I will never forget that emotion that I felt when we were boarding the plane, and as we landed.

On that trip there was not as much emotion as on the following trips we did, since that time his main reason for going there was business, it was a business trip, but he invited me because he wanted to get out of the routine a bit and he wanted to share that moment with me. They were 5 days of romance and fun, we went out a little to wander in the streets of Madrid, for me it was wonderful, for him nothing new, but he was happy to see my eyes dazzled by the surroundings.

We travel a lot in Mexico, and sometimes outside the country. If you ask me, it is one of the best experiences I have had in my 30s. Being a Sugar Baby opened the doors of a beautiful aspect of life that I was completely unaware of, its funny to think back about the first time that my Sugar Daddy introduced me to this lifestyle, I was completely oblivious in this matter, but how fortunate I feel to have been a part of this!

Even though he took care of my expenses, I continued working in that place, because I wanted to save money; At that time, I was still not clear about what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew that whatever it was, it would require money. And sooner or later I would find my reason for being.

He always told me that he admired my desire to want to progress, and that is why it was very pleasant for him to support me with whatever I needed to achieve my goals, whatever they were. In prison I learned about bakery and pastries, and my Sugar Daddy suggested that I do something with that knowledge, and I took him at his word.

I took a course of 1 year and a half in a school, for Gastronomy Technician. And my Sugar Daddy supported me with all the expenses, as well as provided me with all the resources to open my own catering business, I did very well with that business, the weekends were my strength, and I had to hire someone to assist me because I had a vast amount of work.

I have many stories to share about my experience as a Sugar Baby. I know there are many people who are skeptical of Sugar Dating, but we who’ve lived such phenomenon, know that none of this is bogus, and that it can be an inclination to reach your life goals. My case is only one of hundreds of thousands in the world and in Mexico.

We had very frequent trips to Tijuana and Ensenada, since he had businesses in these cities and we used to take advantage of those trips to take some time off and visit the Baja, they really have such astonishing landscapes, I fell so in love with this area that once my Sugar Daddy passed away, I moved here, to Tijuana because I love it and because this place holds the best memories of my life.

I am not close to my family, but I have made many friends from all over since its a tourist place there’s a wide variety of personalities and ethnicities. My banquet business took a leap for the better in Tijuana and Rosarito, especially for weddings, they leave a lot of money, besides my cafeteria, both give me enough to live with dignity.

That beautiful relationship that I tell today, lasted about 4 years, and ended sadly because he died of cancer, it terribly hurt at the time, I came to love him and I will always be eternally grateful to him, he was the person who has helped me the most in my life, and he gave me the possibility of a good life, he put in the resources and I did my part too.

1 year ago, I opened another business, a bar, I know, it’s something different from my original business, but it makes more profit, and it is pleasant, nothing vulgar, it’s just starting up and I hope that it’s as successful as the others. I am considering the idea of studying Business Administration, since I finished high school when I was imprisoned, I should continue my studies, I will possibly do so once my finances become more stable.

I am incredibly happy with the way my life changed for the better. I managed to be part of society as a good person, and all thanks to my Sugar Daddy; life is for those who take opportunities in the moment and I did. So, I hope that my experience helps to give you a better idea of the wonders of being a Sugar Baby, keep in mind that your experience will be according to your circumstances, but it will always benefit you.

These relationships are give and take, and even though I've only had one such relationship, I think I learned everything I need to know about it. I don’t believe that love does not play part in this, on the contrary, I believe that love and mutual respect is essential in any type of relationship and this cannot be the exception; commitment is also important.

I know there are girls who have more than one Sugar Daddy at the same time, and I respect them, they feel comfortable and happy that way; I'm personally more of a monogamous person, and I really enjoyed my commitment to my Sugar Daddy. Every moment we spent together was very worthwhile, and thanks to that relationship, I am the woman that I am today, I owe him being able to get ahead and grow at a time when I felt hopeless.

I learned that human kindness and help can come disguised as a Sugar Daddy. Currently I do not have a romantic relationship, but I am not closed to that possibility either. Fortunately I am independent now and how bizarre, who would’ve thought, I needed that help to become independent; I think that sometimes us humans are so proud that we demand too much from ourselves, and we make the mistake of believing that it’s better to make progress on our own without anyone’s help, and no, it is not like that, as in my case, for me it is very pleasant to acknowledge and feel grateful with this person for having helped me in abundance, I owe part of my achievements to him

I don’t know if later I will meet another man like him, or if I will have a Sugar Daddy again, I don’t think so because of my age, I am no longer the girl in my twenties, I’m not seeking support from anyone, as I said, today I am auto sufficient, but I am sure that my next relationship will be complete because my mood is optimal, I love myself and I am really happy with the life that I have, and I know that these elements are necessary to be part of a loving relationship.

I am a 100% pro Sugar Dating person because with my personal experience I was able to prove that a relationship of this type can bring wonderful benefits, although anyway, I think it’s important to emphasize the fact that for something productive to come out of all this, It requires the desire to grow while you’re a Sugar Baby, it’s significant to ask yourself what do I expect from this relationship in the future? Be truly clear about your goals and enjoy at the same time because life, there is only one.

So yes, if they ask me, I would do it again, without changing anything at all. Being a Sugar Baby was my beam up my sleeve to achieve my personal goals.


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