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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

The Sugar Baby Lifestyle Is Amazing

Being a Sugar Baby Became My Lifestyle

Every moment has been worth it, I do not conceive life in any other way, I mean, the adventures I have experienced as a Sugar Baby are so incredible that I would not change it for anything.

My name is Violeta, I am currently 23 years old and I live in a beautiful apartment, located in one of the best areas of Tijuana. The apartment and any other luxury and whim I can give myself are courtesy of my dear Sugar Daddy.

I must confess that I started as a Sugar Baby for fun, and not out of necessity. You see, I come from a well-positioned family, but I was raised in a boring and prudish environment, I'm not that nice little girl that people expect me to be.

I've always been a rebel, I like extreme things, breaking schemes, if I were as my parents expect me to be, quite possibly I would not be sharing my experience right now, I would be doing something boring and empty, perhaps.

But it is not the case, the point is that I leaned towards adventure, I bet on extreme challenges, new, fun. This is how I met my first Sugar Daddy, a very jovial mature man who is swimming in money, and of course I couldn't help but immerse myself in those luxurious waters of abundant possibilities and comforts.

As I said before, I have not had any need or deficiencies that make me want to be a Sugar Baby, this is simple and pure love for the jersey, I do it because it fills me, it gives me pleasure. Being desired by wealthy men is a powerful drug, and I declare myself addicted to this drug.

Sugar Baby Just For Love Of The Game

It all happened two years ago, when I was in Los Angeles, visiting my mother, although my parents were divorced, the closeness and communication with both has always been fluid, and thanks to this chance gave me a push to meet Jeff.

I attended a party hosted by a childhood friend, Jeff was a friend of her father, and he was passing by his house, we bumped into each other at the bathroom by accident, I was a little drunk, so my audacity shot up.

He was a very handsome man and I have always liked older men so everything fit together well. I basically fell on him and kissed him. I don't know exactly how it happened, but he found my daring stimulating and he didn't want to be left with the desire to have this teenager sober and enjoy her.

So, he got my information from my friend's father, and he contacted me, the excuse of this gentleman was "to know how I was after the party, if I had made it to my house whole." When I got his call, I had no idea who it was. I mean, I was too drunk to remember, you know?

I do not know how, but this man managed to trap me in his conversations, he greeted me every day, he is an expert, this Casanova knows very well how to do it, because his greetings and comments instead of bothering and causing disgust, caused me intrigue, but the good kind of intrigue.

I wanted to know more about him, after all he was the type of man that I like, and he managed to get into my head. So as usual, every week I crossed to visit my mother, and we did not miss the opportunity to greet this “new little friend”.

I Have Always Liked Older Men

We meet in a square, had coffee and talked for hours. Nothing happened but a good and pleasant moment in the company of a person who seemed to mean more to me, little by little. I had him in my mind all the time.

It turns out that he was divorced, he was single, and things like that, of course this was the kind of information that makes you feel that you have the opportunity for something else, but what will that something else be? Is it something serious or transient? Let it be whatever fate wants it to be. I thought back in those days.

As expected, one thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together and having a kind of casual relationship, the result of a good time in bed and the continuous and long talks we had almost every day. 

Jeff was a gentleman in every sense, always very attentive to me, always seeking to satisfy my smallest and most insignificant needs or whims.

The truth is that I had never worked before in my life until just a few months ago, and I must say that it was thanks to Jeff that I got this job, of course, if this can be called a job.

His ex-wife owns a reputable spa and salon, so he offered to help me test his packages and products and post reviews on some websites for publicity. They basically pay me to get free beauty treatments, similar to a spa. I doubt that the lady knows who I really am and the relationship I have with her ex.

Sugar Relationships: the Relationship and the Perfect Agreement

Jeff and I still hang out, sometimes every fortnight and sometimes a little more time passes between meetings. And I can tell you that I have had such wonderful moments with him, and a good friendship has been forged.

We are very alike, in many ways, for the same reason a more serious and formal relationship would be impossible, because we are two free souls, we do not belong to a single place, nor to a single person, the desire for something more will always be present. Of something new. But the mutual appreciation that we have for each other will still be intact.

My parents support me with the university, so I don’t have to stress about that expense. I am really enjoying the adventure of getting out of the nest and although I am still a wobbly chick, I am willing to get ahead on my own, using my own means, because I want too, because I feel like it and it’s fun to do so.

Being a Sugar Baby is basically enjoying yourself. It is more than fun, it has brought me good things in life, Jeff gave me this apartment in which I currently live, and the job he offered me was because I made a comment on some occasion that my intention is to earn my money.

Not just reaching out. Of course, from time to time reaching out and receiving is luxurious, it feels better like that, but not always, at least not for me. It feels good in a way to be responsible with a specific task and to receive a reward for it, in this case, a salary.

Being a Sugar Baby Will Certainly Leave You Good Memories

I have many memories of my adventure with Jeff in mind. I will never forget the time when we got away on his yacht for a whole day, from dawn to sunset, we shared many things that day.

With a relationship of this style, you cannot prevent feelings and a certain affection or appreciation for the other person from arising, after all, we are human, not robots, emotions are inevitable, but the key is to know how to channel those emotions into something functional.

Forget about wanting to control or be jealous of the other person, if they wanted that they would surely look for a boring girlfriend and chain themselves, don't you think?

You also deserve to have tons of fun, and don't be surprised about anything, whatever they give you, you undoubtedly deserve it, otherwise they would not be giving it to you.

So just enjoy, forget everything they have told you about love, it does not work for the most part, they are obsolete ideas, even love needs to be renewed and I warn you, this is its most modern version, Sugary Dates.

Without Ties and With the Opportunity to Always Enjoy to the Fullest

Three months ago, I met another special person, his name is Scott, he is another handsome businessman who wants to share with me and of course I said -Bring it on!

I met Scott at the border line, while we waited one day to cross in those lines that are suddenly so long. I was listening to Don't stop at the top by Scorpions in my car, so he heard my music and couldn't help but say hello and comment on my good music, he is also a Scorpions fan, so the music brought us together and from that bizarre encounter the relationship was born.

With him I have had another kind of fun, one that I can savor in another less stereotypical and freer way. We have attended some concerts together, and you have no idea, it’s been of another level.

We usually have a lot of fun and we've already done some trips together and he buys me everything I want, in terms of clothes and things around the house, so I don't worry about that either. Scott has it under control.

He's married, but he travels a lot on business trips, so when we stay together for a few days he has a way to justify it. Judge me all you want, but that's the way things are. And I'm not the one to change them.

I repeat to you again, I am not a person who abides by the established rules; therefore, I am not a fan of labels, I believe in polyamory and I believe that people can satisfy our affective and physiological needs in different ways, it is like making your combo at Burger King. You order this and that and you have your combo, ready to savor.

Let it Last What it Must Last, and Whatever Happens Let it Be

It's the same with relationships, I don’t think you will find everything in one person, so why torture yourself by clinging to the idea of ​​fidelity? I'm sorry if I sound very cheeky, but it's just how I think, and of course, I put it into practice, because it works for me and my needs are met this way.

In Jeff I find a stability that I don't know how to explain, he inspires me to be a better and more responsible person, to believe in myself, and to find beauty in the simplicity of things. And in Scott I find adventure, hedonism, life is one and we are just passing through, that is the philosophy of my new sponsor.

So, both are so necessary and complement me, there are no strings attached, just fun and benefits. I couldn't give up on them just to look good to other people.

Being a Sugar Baby was a way to satisfy my emotional need and at the same time to find monetary benefits, and I cannot ignore that it has also left me learnings from life, you cannot imagine everything you can learn with a mature man with surplus experience.

I am still very young, and I plan to take advantage of my age and beauty, because it feels good and because I love feeling desired by men, nothing takes away my flirtatious and it is very possible that I will catch another mature man shortly.

For now, I will continue to enjoy the two that I have. I will continue to have fun with the two facets that these two gentlemen represent in my life. I will keep coming up with new ways to make them and me happy.

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