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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

My Sugary Relationship Tastes Like Victory

Sugar babies share their experience

Sugar Baby Experiences: Victoria

My name is Victoria, and I am currently 19 years old. I don't share the following story very often with anyone, not out of shame or because I try to hide it, the subject simply never comes up, however I carry what I learned with me every day and I wanted to share it to help girls in my situation.

It all started when I took a short vacation to Mexico City, with the goal of spending more time with my brother as I had not seen him as often as I liked, since his divorce. It is important to mention that my brother is from my father's first marriage and therefore is much older than me.

The first day I was there he introduced me to his friends at a work party, although they all looked much older, they were all very friendly and made me feel welcomed.

It was there that I met Santiago; tall, handsome, with an incredible sense of humor, and successful at his job. For those and more reasons, I was surprised when he told me that he had been single for 4 years.

A charming 41-year-old man who looked like he came out of a movie, was single? There was no way! A great curiosity encouraged me to investigate more about him and find out if what he told me was true.

After trying to get some information out of my brother about his friend and stalking him on Instagram and Facebook, I concluded that the reason for his singleness was linked to his professional success.

He worked more than 12 hours a day and his passion for work and business trips didn't leave much room for the romantic aspect.

I couldn't help but feel a little bad about his situation, after a few drinks at the party and some beers with him, I jokingly offered him my company to future company events that he goes too alone.

But as it’s well said, there is as grain of truth in every joke and he ended up inviting me to dinner within the following week, his excuse was that he would explain more about his work (as director of the Foreign Trade area of ​​a well-known company in Mexico), it was a good move on his part, as I am studying the same career that he studied at the university (International Business).

The expected day arrived and okay, I was confused I didn't know what kind of date or meeting this was; romantic, friends or business, but I was nervous and somewhat anxious.

We agreed to meet at a restaurant as he would meet me after work, and since I don't have a car and my brother was busy, I told Santiago that I would get there by Uber, but he refused and called his chauffeur to pick me up.

Elegance was the only thing I thought about and a smile crossed my face at the thought. I arrived at the restaurant at the restaurant first and he arrived soon after, apologizing for the delay.

We talked for hours a little about everything, I thought that the age difference would put barriers both; in communication and in taste, but it was very enriching to hear his point of view on things and his experience made everything more interesting.

We came to the topic of relationships and I made a comment that I didn't want a boyfriend as I find it overly complicated, and I have seen my friends suffer a lot for love which I consider unnecessary. He told me that he doesn't have a girlfriend, yet he occasionally goes out with girls to fill that feeling of connection.

I was surprised but not so much and I teasingly said, "oh like, a womanizer, who is only looking for sex?" He told me it was not the same thing, since a womanizer has sex without connection and he has connections without necessarily having sex.

At first it seemed like a big scam and I thought he just wanted to get smart with me, but then he proceeded to explain how it was more of an exchange than it was a relationship. He provided some luxuries and gifts in exchange for encounters with beautiful girls. 

Wow! A Sugar Daddy? I thought it was just an urban legend, however Santiago told me that it was more normal than I thought, and it was a good exchange based on communication and mutual respect. It seemed like something new and exciting to me, and I asked him how to enter that world.

He mentioned some special websites available and eventually asked me if I would be interested to which I dubiously said yes. Weeks went by and everything was perfect. We would go out to museums or to watch a movie, or we would just chat and in return he offered me all the gifts and presents I wanted. I learned the following things during that month and I hope this will help you:

There is nothing more important than communication, we made it clear that I would not have sex with him, and Santiago perfectly respected it. So, if you don't want to do something, the most important thing is to put your cards on the table and never do something that you are not comfortable with or think you will regret.

The nervousness is temporary, on my first official date as a Sugar Baby we went to the movies and although at first I didn't know how to act, I just had to remind myself to be myself and let things flow, never be or do things that do not go with your personality or pretend to be someone you are not, the jitters diminish as you get to know the person and there comes a time when you are so comfortable that you forget it’s an exchange.

Not everyone will understand, it is well said that as a society we tend to criticize and fear what we don't know, and it is absolutely true as many people see it badly, but it is nothing more than another relationship and human connection based on respect and communication for good.

So, don't worry if the people around you don't understand, the only person who should agree to the relationship are you and him and no one else.

In conclusion, being a Sugar Baby is a great experience in which you learn more about yourself and your limits, it is a great way to connect and see other points of view.

There are not only personal but also material growth benefits. My closet has almost doubled since on each of our meetings I received approximately $ 5000 pesos and I had the opportunity to buy the things that I always wanted but were out of my budget as a student such as Sephora makeup, pricey clothes and even that perfume that I desired so much "Good Girl" by Carolina Herrera.

Not counting the additional gifts he bought me when we went out for example a new pair of vans, plus all the goodies and cravings that I wanted.

Unfortunately, I had to return to my city (Mérida, Yucatán) since I had to go back to school, but without a doubt, I would not change those two months I spent with him for anything. A little advice is to have confidence in yourself and if you know what you want, go for it!

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