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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

Unforgettable, This Was My First Time

I met Nick 5 months ago and so far, I can say that I love the Sugar Baby experience. My name is Ela and I am 28 years old. I do not have an extravagant life; I really consider myself a pretty normal girl. I like to concentrate on my professional plans, but I also like to have fun occasionally. Adding a little emotion to everyday life can always bring good results. First time with sugar daddy!

If I had been told a year ago that I would have a Sugar Daddy ( my sugar daddy experience), I would never have believed it. Moreover, I did not even know that there were special platforms to find the right man. But life takes many turns so you should never say never. 

One day I saw a story about Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationships, I thought it was funny and a little strange, there where three couples in the story and they each had different agreements, but what really caught my attention is that they all led a most normal life. They all had jobs and normal professions, they were ordinary people like me, or like the people around me. So, the taboo vanished and the whole concept turned out to be remarkably interesting to me. It most definitely woke up my curiosity.

I decided to create a profile to find my perfect Sugar Daddy. I found a platform that convinced me, I created a profile, I chose some of my best pictures and I described myself the best I could not knowing if it was going to work, I was still very skeptical, but at least I was having fun in the attempt, there were many profiles, men of all kinds and with truly diverse interests.

As I said, I'm a girl with a quiet life. I love to exercise, read, go to the movies, cook, and go out occasionally. So, my ideal Sugar Daddy had to be someone with whom I could share my hobbies, as well as other more intimate things. For me, chemistry was indispensable. I was not willing to go out with any man just for a good economic arrangement. I wanted something real and very honest, Afterall, a good agreement is based on trust. 

Many days passed, maybe a month or more and I still had not found anyone that convinced me I had talked to several men, but I felt that we didn’t have anything in common, and the others just wanted sexual encounters. I was looking for a good arrangement without the commitments of a relationship, but with the benefits of a Sugar Daddy, a win-win relationship. All clear and without dramas.

Suddenly I found a profile that immediately caught my attention, Nick 40 years old, who loved coffee, gastronomy, and literature, he had white skin, black hair, a perfect beard, and a very elegant Panamanian hat. Nick was my type and by his pictures and description, I could tell that we had a lot in common. We started to exchange messages he said he was looking for someone to go out to dinner with, have a drink, talk, and of course have intimate encounters, and I was also looking for the same. 

Nick's profile said that he loved cocktails, so in less than three days we were already in a famous mixology bar in Colonia Roma. I remember that minutes before our meeting I was extremely nervous. However, the night went by very naturally. Nick was genuinely nice and a great conversationalist we talked about many things (sugar daddy experience), about his life, about mine, he told me that he was from Chicago, but he came to Mexico City every month because of his job, we had a great time that night and although the date was only to get to know each other, I felt extremely comfortable to accompany him to his apartment. Our agreement had just been inaugurated and Nick always behaved like a gentleman. 

I was aware that I could get a better economic benefit with another candidate, but I was looking for someone that I really liked, and Nick really won me over.

Our next date was only four days after our first encounter and it was even better, we went to the south of the city for dinner and then we watched a movie in his apartment. Of course, things got heated up and we had an excellent time, we really have a lot of chemistry inside and outside the bedroom.

So far, our agreement by appointment works great we see each other approximately three or four times a month and we are in constant contact through WhatsApp (sugar daddy experiences). Although it is not part of the agreement, we really want to know more about each other and over time he learns more about my life and I get to know more about his, but we don’t have a commitment or exclusivity.

I really believe that what makes our arrangement work so well is the chemistry that exists between the two, and above all the clarity of what we are each willing to give and what we want to receive. We are excited to enjoy time together and although we are both aware that our relationship is not conventional, we know that it is honest and true. The chemistry between us is extraordinarily strong, and our economic arrangement serves to keep some distance.

This experience has truly helped me a lot to appreciate honesty, it is amazing when you stop waiting something from someone and instead you concentrate on enjoying the moments that form part of the arrangement. If the arrangement is based on real chemistry, the details and gifts come naturally. All the agreements are different, but if you let yourself be pampered and you dare to spoil your Sugar Daddy, the experience will always surprise you.

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