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By: Valeria Sugar April 2, 2020

How Much Passion Is There In Sugar Dating?

sugar babies are pathetic? No way....

I've been sailing among Sweet Sugar stories for four years; I made this act my way of life, I live for it basically and I don't imagine that it could be otherwise, surely you who read me will ask yourself, how is it possible to carry it out so easily?

I think that maybe the secret is knowing how to enjoy it, knowing how to live in the moment without asking for more, and making special moments a mental escape, knowing how to give yourself to those special men who only seek the same thing as you, quality company.

I still remember my first experience as if it were yesterday, (sugar baby stories, sweet sugar baby, sugarbaby stories) .

It was a day like any other, I had to do my groceries and as usual, like every Tuesday I went shopping, it was a department store, I was in the flour and wheat aisle deciding which cereal to buy this time, when I suddenly felt the gaze of a man, when I turned over the aforementioned was exposed and he tried to conceal, but I had already "caught him in the move", and we smiled, but it was something insignificant, I continued with my business.

When we got to the checkout, we ran into each other again and we smiled back, he was in the next row waiting to pay for his products.

We left almost at the same time, when I got to my car, which I had parked near the door, I was almost done getting the groceries in my car and this man spoke to me, -Miss, sorry for the outburst, but I wanted to show my admiration when seeing you so dressed up and looking beautiful, despite that you’re only grocery shopping you don’t lose the glamor, and you caught my attention for it-, his observation caused me tenderness.

And I thanked him for his words, but I did not lead him on to further conversation, I turned around and opened the door of my car, put my things inside and before getting in the car, he told me, -I’ll give you my card, if someday I am lucky and honored to receive your call I will be happy to invite you to go out-. I thanked him and took off. I threw the card on the passenger seat; I really didn't give it much importance.

When I got home, I put my groceries away and went on with my life, I didn't remember this man until a month or two after that day. I remember this day because it was fateful for me, when my boyfriend, back then and I split up, of those days that you wish had never been, a horrible break up by the way, because of an infidelity.

It turns out that I found my boyfriend with my best friend, they were very affectionately leaving a motel, both of them in his car, the rest you know that doesn't end well, these stories never have a happy ending, they win, I lose, or maybe, that's what I thought at that time, then I understood that was bound to happen sooner or later, that's life.

I cried for a month I guess, I was sad and my other friends tried to cheer me up, on one of those occasions that they tried to brighten my day we got ready to go out to the club, it was a Saturday night, a cool and pleasant night in Tijuana, those from Tijuana know what I mean, a summer night with pleasant weather.

We were already getting into the mood when suddenly I saw my ex with my ex-friend, both happily enjoying the party without a grief, I confess that I felt anger and at the same time disappointment, it was a very unpleasant and unbearable shock of emotions, I almost completely collapsed, (bad idea to frequent the same places where you went with your ex).

I went out to the terrace, I needed fresh air and for some strange reason I remembered the "tender" and friendly guy who had approached me at the supermarket a month or two ago, I remembered that he gave me a card, but I didn't know where I had put it, I really wanted to call him and ask him to praise me like he did that day, I needed to be noticed by someone of the opposite sex, urgently raise my self-esteem.

I don’t know if something similar has happened to you, that you need to be noticed by someone, feel pretty, I know you’ve been there, I don’t know a woman who is not a bit conceited (ha ha).

So I left the club, got in my car and drove to a restaurant that opens 24 hours on weekends, before getting out of the car I looked for the card, luckily for me, I'm a bit messy, so I hadn't cleaned the car and that's why I found the famous card, I got out of the car, went in and sat at a table against the wall, the place was not very full.

I asked for a soft drink and while I was looking at the card and playing it between my fingers, I plucked up my courage and dialed the phone number, I heard the ring-ring on that side of the line but no one answered, I left a voice mail, I think it’s rare for a person to listen to their voice messages, so I vented and told him my situation, hoping he wouldn't listen to it, I laugh a little when I remember this, I think I may have sounded a bit pathetic now that I think about it.

I felt better after getting all the pessimistic emotion out of my heart, I finished my drink and went home. I slept very peacefully that Saturday night.

The next morning, at around 9 am my cell phone rang, I answered drowsily, it was him! He was the sweet and kind man from the supermarket. He greeted me with his characteristic sweet voice and told me that I was too beautiful to feel, the way I felt, I immediately rolled my eyes when I heard what he said!

I knew that he had heard my voice message. Who the hell in this millennial age listens to their mailbox? Of course, someone who is not from this era! (hahaha). I greeted him, I apologized for the daring, I told him that I was a little drunk the night before and that well, he listened to my message, I was not well emotionally and he swiftly told me that I didn’t have to apologize for anything, that the best thing that we could do was meet and talk if thats what I needed.

The truth is that I liked the idea of ​​going out and talking with someone strange an outsider to my daily life, sometimes friends agree with you and you only want to talk and not receive advice or anything similar, simply to be listened to.

I felt a great emotion knowing that I would see someone new in my life, I wanted to feel desired by a man, and aside from being kind, the man seemed very handsome, from what I remember, in addition, he gave the impression of being an important figure and with good taste, that's why I was flattered, I had a good hunch that something positive could come of that meeting, and I was not wrong.

We arranged to meet in a bistro close to my house, he arrived very promptly, and it was nice to greet each other, it was not planned, but everything went very well, and I felt radiant.

We chatted and he was a very special person for me that day, I liked meeting him, we arranged to see each other on another occasion, there were at least five encounters before making love, I think I fell in love with him the day at the bistro, but due to my sentimental situation at that time, I did not want to give it importance and I thought I was confused and wanted an escape to forget my ex.

Later I learned to recognize that that merit was only his, since it was impossible not to fall in love with Fausto, he was the most incredibly friendly and pleasant man I had met, I suppose he came right at the best moment, I was already free to enjoy him when we began frequenting each other.

In that first meeting he gave me a Channel perfume, he gave it to me when we said goodbye, he told me that every time I used that fragrance, I would remember him and that was the idea.

In each meeting he always gave me a present, always with such beautiful details that it was impossible not to fall into his arms, it was not the material aspect that captivated me, it was the way he gave me things, always so creative and enhancing my existence, I have not met a more thoughtful man than him, he is not pretentious or pedantic, he is simply unique, nothing feigned.

Our relationship developed slowly and thus 2 years passed. Those two years were all full of sweetness, he took me everywhere, we went on trips every weekend, he was married, but that was never a problem, I loved him every day of our relationship, we quickly understood what this was like, there was nothing but the commitment to enjoy the moment, to enjoy ourselves and that was what always kept the flame burning.

Because he was an independent man with his own company and enjoyed the freedom of his time, that is why we could escape every weekend to where nobody knew us, free and happy, to visit the most exotic beaches you can imagine; we shared a lot of time together, and he gave me money every week, that was an extra, I really think that if he had not given me money or gifts, I would have been with him just because of his attitude, he managed to make me feel very special, he raised me to a level that I didn’t know.

I learned a lot with him, also thanks to him I decided to finish my truncated degree and he paid the full year. Fausto will always be in my heart, and to think that it was in a shopping center where I met him, sometimes I don't even believe it.

As I was telling you, he was only the first of others, that's how I entered the Sugary World and I knew the great value that this represents, after a failed relationship I realized that this form of relationships is much better, you don't do more than enjoy next to a person who wants to pamper you, who can refuse this!

So far it’s worked wonderfully for me, I don’t find satisfaction in a relationship where I happen to be the shadow of a macho boy who takes me for granted and who is very likely a cheater, on the contrary, with a daddy we both know that what we are doing is for pleasure, that we can even continue to enjoy our lives, freedom without having ties or limits, that it’s about enjoying part of life together in mutual company, on occasions.

But if you ask me, the more you give from yourself, the more you get from them. It’s not about waiting open handed to receive without offering anything on your end, look, both parties should benefit.

Hoping that my experience will be of some use to you, I learned in these years as SB that plain and simple things are important too, for example, if that day that Fausto put his eyes on me, it was because I was noticeable; You must stand out from the rest, we can all be beautiful, remember that "there is no ugly woman, only poorly groomed."

They generally seek the company of feminine, beautiful, and young girls, it is not only about vanity, but that is a tool that you can exploit in your favor, at least it worked for me.

Having a passport could also be extremely useful since they suddenly want to go on a trip with you, put those papers and your visa in order, they don't hurt, believe me you'll thank me one day if that's the case, I did it when I was with Fausto and although I did not go abroad with him, I did with my following Daddies, it has served me a lot to date.

Another aspect to consider is that you should dedicate time to meetings with your SD, being uninhibited is a good start, not looking forced but the contrary, if he sees that you enjoy spending time with him, he will surely seek to give you his valuable time, take you away, and many other things, make him feel important, and always be feminine.

I don't know what your case is, but if you dare to live the experience consider this advice from a SB, these years in this media have not been in vain. Time is relative, be it months or years, take advantage and make him happy while you are too; you will have many positive experiences for yourself, you will even have anecdotes to tell your grandchildren if you ever have them.

Anyway, I think so far, I have not met any SB who complains about this, but I’ve heard many good stories, each person is different, and they live it in their own way, this is mine, what is yours?

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