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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

Passion And Money On The Table Shall We Play?

I am currently going on 15 years with whom started off as my Sugar Daddy, (I was 28 years old when we met, and he was 47) before we made this relationship as formal as it is today.

I want to share it today because I believe that my story can be of use to you if you are considering entering this Sugary World. A world where love and money always go hand in hand.

It is an unexpected love story, because I really got to know him by mere chance, at a newsstand in my city. Near the river where one night, while I was waiting for my friend, the moon was shining so beautifully and there we were both, coincidentally in the same place.

Without trying to sound pretentious, I am an attractive woman and there is always a man who wants to flirt with me, so that night while I was waiting for my friend, a guy approached me to want to talk, but I looked at him with a haughtiness that made him leave with the dignity that remained.

So there, behind me, was my prince charming, watching for a while, seeing how his little princess rejected the ugly toads. But surprisingly when he dared to greet me, I simply replied the greeting.

According to him, he was very attracted to me that night, but he took time to dare to greet me due to the circumstances, he did not want to be spurned like the other guy, but when he did and it was reciprocated, he felt joyful. And he no longer knew how to follow the roll because he expected to be spurned too.

That Night Was the Introduction to a Date That Would Change the Rest of My Life.

He sat at my table and we started to get to know each other, we talked a lot and finally I forgot that my friend never came, I don't know if this was some work of destiny and I had to meet him that night, I don't know, but thanks that my friend stood me up, we met.

That night was the introduction to a date that would change the rest of my life, not just mine, but my daughters' as well. Since what would come next was like something out of a cheesy love movie, with a happy ending and everything, you can imagine, and I still don't know if it is a matter of luck or my own merit to have achieved a relationship like this.

The night ran without forgiving time, so it was almost dawn, extremely late, or very early really? Anyway, it was 2 or 3 in the morning when I had to go home, so the magic of the moment had to be broken.

We exchanged numbers, I'm talking about several years ago, there was no WhatsApp or Facebook, so imagine our most romantic and old-fashioned love story. I don't know, but we spent a million on calls and text messages, during our courtship or, rather, he spent a lot of money since he paid for everything from the beginning.

Lucas is an Engineer and works on ships, which has made our relationship even more romantic, the long and endless hours and days waiting to see him. He used to be away for at least 3 months, and we always kept in touch.

Our Relationship Has Always Been as Sweet as Sugar

We enjoyed so many talks, so many dinners and meals together. The walks on the beach holding hands, the hours went by like running water from the tap, time was never enough when it came to being together, if it was on me, I would’ve stayed with him from the first day, but I was patient, I let time take its course.

So, somehow, maybe the wait paid off. When the end of that month so glorious and full of romance came, the farewell was sad, but I had the hope of seeing each other again and at the same time the fear that he would not come back, due to his marriage, my mother always said: always believe half of what men say, so I am not guilty of being doubtful at the beginning, it is valid to take care of your emotions.

But it was nice to hear from him constantly, every day, thus an official relationship was confirmed, for him and for me, we officially already had something, it had not been just a temporary relationship during vacation, because day after day he was there for me, for every phone call was an "I'm thinking of you", every text message was “I'm still here."

Three months passed before we met again and coming face to face was marvelous, a long wait that came to an end. It was summer, I still remember the dates, I felt the joy in the air caressing me, I couldn't hold the excitement of seeing him again. 

Love and Money a Perfect Combination

And the big day arrived, we met at the same place where we had initially met, as a sign of our cheesy love, the meetings always took place right there, in that kiosk. To not lose tradition of course. For both of us, that was the most special place of all we had been to.

My life was in chaos before him, I had gone through a hell of a divorce, I had to do many things that I am not proud of to raise my three daughters by myself. Because before I was even more naïve, I believed that without the father of my daughters I would not succeed, but I was not aware that that person was the heaviest burden on my shoulders.

Once I was divorced, things began to make sense, I began to see progress in my life, happiness returned to me, I had a better spirit to do things, I was not lacking money, etc.

I saw that without a doubt there was a ballast in my life and once it left, everything absolutely improved as if by magic, and of course, my daughters were better now and more secure.

I remember that I used to think: the best thing would be to find someone who besides loving me, gave me money, with money not only me but my daughters would be fine.

And of course, find someone decent, a person with values, of one piece. I think by then I was asking for the impossible but flirting with that idea brought me some peace of mind, for a moment.

What Does My Relationship Have to Do With Sugary Relationships?

And my wishes were granted. This wonderful man appeared in my life, who until today has been a fundamental part of my growth as a person, as a mother.

At the beginning, his marriage may be a part of something I am not proud off, but he ended up getting a divorce, and well, now we have more years in this relationship than the years his marriage lasted, I think that must mean something, right?

At this point in my story you wonder; what does a Sugary Relationship have to do with it? Well, I'll tell you that a lot. I have told you the romantic part, and the rosy.

They do exist! But now comes the monetary aspect, which I repeat, they are not two aspects that should be fought, and any true gentleman will accept it and will be the first to advocate for your needs if he is really interested in you.

When my mate and I started, I told him everything about myself and vice versa; When it was time to give the relationship more formality, after his divorce, I told him that I needed the money, and to look after my daughters, and before I continued, he told me that he knew exactly what I meant, and asked what my needs were, how could he help me? I mean, he basically volunteered.

Money and Love Should Always Go Hand in Hand

I ended up handling money, I’m not lying, I handle all his money, his accounts, everything, I am a very clever woman when it comes to money, and I have known how to manage his money, which is now mine too. And I've proved to him that he can trust me, so I really manage our finances.

We have an apartment in a very well-located area of ​​the city, near the plaza, we have a house on the outskirts of the city, large and remodeled, ready to sell, we have two lots and we recently bought a house in the best area of ​​the city ​​and it is the house of my dreams, he has always told me that without me he would never have achieved anything. He used to spend his money as it came to his hands.

I think I was very clever, love is beautiful and indispensable, but do not let yourself be blinded by that, make sure that that special man is also a person who is worthwhile and that he does not need you to be on his back to do what he should.

I do not know if it is a cultural aspect, but men tend to protect women and contribute to meet their needs, a true Sugar Daddy will know from the beginning what his role is.

Currently the relationship continues just as well, our secret is that because of his work we are never together, sometimes I go to work with him on the boat, we are still like two teenagers in love.

I am a Sugar Baby, because he gives me all his money, covers all my needs, and there is no problem. Agreements were established from the beginning and we have an excellent relationship.

There is love and money on the table, be direct from the beginning, it worked for me.

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