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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

If You Want To Be My Sugar Daddy … Take Me On A Trip


Hello babies!

My name is Brenda, I'm 22 years old, I'm from Queretaro but for education issues I live in Mexico City, (sugar baby mexico city, mexican sugar baby). I started with sugar baby about a year ago and I think I started to be in the best city in the whole country because we are so many people living here that finding a very generous sugar daddy is very easy.

I was surfing the internet when I did not know how to get a video of a "story time" of a girl telling her experience dating an older and rich man in the video she talked about 2 or 3 applications that connected you with Sugar Daddies, (mexican sugar babies, mexico sugar daddy).

I had heard about it before but I thought it was something that did not work or at least I did not think it was so good, in short this video aroused my curiosity and downloaded several applications to find meetings, it does not take long to start receiving messages with proposals but none could get my attention either because the man did not like me or because I was being very cautious.

I spent a few days and among so many things from day to day I forgot the subject until one afternoon I received a message from a man we will call "Adam" saying that he was an American tourist traveling alone and would like to have some company.

He really was very direct and told me he could offer me $ 5000 pesos to see us and see if there was chemistry between us, I was a bit incredulous the truth because it sounded so easy that even if I had some nerves accept. I chose the place and it was a very nice restaurant in the Roma neighborhood called Rosetta.

There is a big surprise for me because I expected to meet a somewhat heavier American and maybe a little bit if I know that it sounds prejudiced but it was what I expected since in his sugar daddy profile his photos did not show very well his face and haha ​​good to fly my imagination.

Adam was a very attractive 38-year-old man and he spoke pretty good Spanish, we liked him very much from minute 1 he told me he had been in the city for a few days and that he loved it, he was taking a one-year break from his job and He decided to travel to Mexico, Colombia and Panama.

It was amazing my first date with a "sugar daddy" and everything was great I was with a very attractive and intelligent man wow in the middle of our food he mentioned that he would like to have a guide during his trip through Mexico and that I liked him very well he would love to travel with me to which I replied that I was not so sure I could accompany him for time and my school.

He understood very well that he could not leave me for so long so he made a proposal to travel with him for a week which I would receive $ 10000 pesos at the end of this although it was very tempting for me was not very convinced after all I knew him with many doubts I asked him where we would travel and his answer made me decide "let's go to Cancun" (sugar baby cancun).

CANCUN! My God, that would have started, my answer was a resounding yes. After all who says no to a trip with all expenses paid to Cancun haha once past my overflowing excitement I clarify some points and that he wanted us to travel as they would any boyfriend and I clearly understood the message He wanted intimacy and a sweet and loving treatment like the one your girlfriend gives you.

I happily accepted this was my time and I did not think I'd waste it, we finished eating and Adam invited me to his room in the hotel where he was staying so we could look for plane flights and plan our trip.

Once at his hotel and after a few drinks, things got a bit hot as expected, right? He and I were together and it was delicious, I could not believe everything was flowing so fast and so well that it was hard to believe that only a few hours ago we had met, we had a very similar sense of humor and Adam was a real gentleman with me He treated me like his girlfriend.

We planned our trip for two days so I could fix some earrings and make my suitcase quietly, that day Adam invited me to spend the night with him but as I told you before I had some earrings and wanted to leave everything in order so I did not accept.

The deal was made and I had to leave, while I was preparing in the bathroom to go home Adam put the money he had promised in my purse and good that he did it because honestly I did not know how to address the issue and even gave me a little bit of pity I have to accept, but this time you lose it and you have to lose it because you remember that the penalty at the end of the day does not leave us anything, money, adventures or anything, the penalty does not work.

With the money I was given, I was able to buy some very nice bathing suits, makeup and some clothes. The awaited day arrived and the adventure towards one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico began.

Everything was great my beautiful sugar daddy bought tickets with premium seats, he told me that if during the trip I wanted or needed something I just had to ask for it and believe me I did it there was nothing to which he said no, traveling in this way is something wonderful , do not worry if the prices are high or low you just worry about enjoying.

Arriving at the beautiful Cancun we stayed in a beautiful hotel and enjoyed the beautiful white sand beaches "remember is to live again" a wonderful place! It was the first time I was there so you could imagine how delighted I was.

In the week we were together I could meet Cancun and Tulum we ate in the best places, we took a boat ride and the jet ski was great, during that week we were a couple like any other, so much that thinking that it would only be a Week by moment it was a sad thing.

There was me making my debut as a sugar baby and wondering why the hell had not started before, absolutely everything turned out to be wonderful. Adam and I enjoyed ourselves so much that even though the trip was ending we both agreed to repeat it one day.

The day I returned home I arrived faster than I would have liked and I had to return alone to Mexico City since Adam would continue his trip and his next destination was Colombia.

We went together from the hotel to the airport where we said goodbye not before handing me an envelope with the agreed money, I was so happy and so nervous also because it was my first flight completely alone so I felt so good that the trip back home It was very pleasant This first trip with Adam that I am talking about happened in February of 2018 after that he and I never missed communication and today we have met again.

So is! I write this story from an all-inclusive hotel in the state of Quintana Roo from the beautiful Playa del Carmen but that's another story.

Traveling is something that I love and becoming a sugar baby has allowed me to know many places in Mexico, but not only know them if you do not know them from the most luxurious side you can imagine. Being a sugar baby is something that definitely changed my life.

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