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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

This Is How A Real Woman Does It


What I am living through is incredible! I still cannot believe myself. I am Sheyla, a 30-year-old woman, a single mother of a 1-year-old girl, I work as a freelancer and I have a lot of free time apparently, but between the university that I'm still attending, my job and the work I have as a single mother.

I hardly find time for myself. In the romantic aspect of my life, I considered myself a faithful lover of mature men, until recently.

It turns out that after my failed relationship with my daughters’ father, who was ironically my Sugar Daddy in the beginning of it all, a dislike towards mature men came over me, I just got sick of them. I know that my failed relationship led me to want to try new things, to change the way.

I did things in terms of “love relationships”. And I think, at this point, I outright exceeded myself! Since, after always having looked for the most mature ones, I began to look at boys younger than me.

Suddenly one morning I woke up wanting to have a romance. I don't even know how the idea came about, but it was an irrepressible desire to meet young boys; I went through a toxic separation, and I believe that left me with a need to indulge myself in every way, and the sexual aspect could not be excluded.

I wanted to feel admired and desired by someone and I wanted that feeling to be as genuine as I had ever felt, I knew that was what I needed at that moment, but I did not imagine that my mind would focus on a new type of search to keep me company.

I had always liked mature men, I am not saying that I no longer like them, if I see one that meets all my demands I will surely be attracted to him. But for the time being, I am entertained with the young boys. That day when my mind was rewound regarding romance and age, I opened my account in an application for local dating and encounters, without thinking about it.

I selected the option of an age range from 20 to 25 years old, when I realized it, I was surprised myself, it was something I did almost by inertia, but I didn't back down either, I was betrayed by my subconscious, but I celebrate my own daring.

Curiosity took over me, once my registration on the application was successfully completed, I began to see the suggestions and I was captivated by some boys, specially one, Carlos, who said was he was 24 years old on his profile, when we met, he revealed to me that he was only 21.

We had mutual attraction, and we began to talk daily, we wrote to each other and what I had anxiously been waiting for, was now happening; I started to feel the way I wanted to feel, loved and desired by the opposite sex in a very genuine way. Everything was going as planned.

I really liked receiving calls and WhatsApp messages from my cute “boy”. I was struck by that gorgeous smile, his beautiful and fleshy lips, very handsome, a real heartthrob, I think he could easily be a youth model.

I secretly felt sorry for myself at times, for the situation I was in, lusting for a boy younger than me; I even felt somewhat ridiculous for desiring the young man behind the monitor, but today I say it openly, although you don't know me and I don’t know you.

We are accomplices in this, because you are reading this right now, it makes me think that you have some sort of interest in this topic, and I can tell you, from my personal experience, that I am very happy to have done it, to have begun to open up to the possibility of changing my taste and I still like it so far.

I had a completely virtual relationship with Carlos, for at least two months, before we met in person. We exchanged photos and we always stayed up to date, we talked about our lives and trivial things, the normal thing in a friendship that has just begun.

When the time came to see each other, I can say that I was overly excited, I already wanted to see him. I continued to have certain prejudices towards myself due to the nature of the relationship, but once we were together, I forgot all about those thoughts. It was much better than I had imagined.

How was it possible that after having dominated the field with older men I was now being dominated by this boy who was so young? Ironies of life.

As I was still a little nervous about our meeting, so new to me, I did not want to expose myself in public with him, so I told him I would come by and met him when he was out of school, I was free that day, and I had arranged for my daughter to be with her father so I would have the afternoon to myself, it was a good time to finally meet.

I parked and waited for him across the street from his university, I saw him cross the street, he was the cute and handsome boy in the photos behind the monitor, it was him at last in person! He got in the car and we kissed each other on the cheek.

I started the car and drove a few blocks ahead, where we lost sight of the university and any possible acquaintances of him, I parked and turned off the car, and in a quick movement, I kissed him passionately; there was an irrepressible desire to do it, I think since the first day I saw him, I felt such an attraction for him. And to my fortune, it was a reciprocated kiss.

Once the fire of our overflowing passion was extinguished, we left, but first I asked him what he wanted to do, what was his idea of our meeting, and my young but mature boy told me that he would like to talk and get to know each other more, eating together was a good start so I drove home.

When we got home, he sat in the living room while he waited for me. I cooked a delicious shrimp pasta and we accompanied it with wine, we sat on the living room carpet, we wanted nothing more than to comfortably enjoy our food each other’s company which we were familiar with already.

Our gazes radiated desire and tenderness at the same time. He is an incredibly attractive boy, he has a look that catches any person’s eye, male, or female, and has an athletic body that draws the attention of any woman. I was secretly contemplating his beauty, his jovial beauty.

We watched a movie after lunch and had a pleasant chat, and since we had planned to spend the afternoon together, time was the least of our worries; we even took a nap in the living room for a while when the film was over, but we there was no sex on our first encounter, I did not even know how to touch him beyond a kiss, the experience was completely new to me.

I did want it, and a lot, but I had no idea how to seduce him or do it with him, I felt a bit intimidated by his age, and I liked the feeling of it, everything was a mystery, I didn't know what to expect from the moment, and he looked so comfortable and happy that I thought we were on the right track.

When the evening arrived, the clever boy called his house to tell his mom that he wouldn’t come home to sleep, he told her that he would be spending the night at his best friend’s house; his mother never imagined that her big, beautiful boy was lying to her.

My daughter would be with her dad until the next day, so we had the house to ourselves. We did not have sex in that encounter. We slept in the same bed, I hugged him for a while during the night and I felt the magic inside me, or at least a brand-new feeling, it wasn’t something that I had experienced before.

I felt in an environment of sweetness and naivety, because his attitude reminded me of myself when I had my first encounter with a man older than me, in the case of Carlos, it inspired me to protect him, to take care of him, with a feeling of tenderness, I felt a strong attraction for him, a complete combination of new emotions and to some extent, addictive sensations.

We took separate showers before going to sleep, he didn’t bring a change of clothes, and I didn’t have anything to offer him, so he slept in his underwear next to me, which was sexy but grotesque, on the contrary, it was genuinely nice to feel his half-naked body next to mine.

And the following morning, which was a Saturday, I invited him to breakfast at a restaurant near my house, which is famous for having the best pancakes in the area. I was already feeling more courage to be seen together in public.

Although I am not really an old woman, I felt self-conscious about the age difference, but it was normal, from my previous experience, I had always been on the other side of the board, but this time it was my turn to be the older adult.

We had a delicious breakfast, and I took him to his house, I left him a block away, because he was afraid that his mother would see a strange person drop him off. I felt a bit bizarre to be an accomplice of a little boy lying to his mother about the reality of where he had spent the night before.

The moment he entered his house, my young boy sent me a WhatsApp message expressing his gratitude and the good time he had with me. I think it was the first time in many years that a boy had told me something so nice, that is, that they express their sincere emotion without pretense or appearances; I loved that detail and had a feeling there would be more of it, I liked this side of the board!

His naivety and sincerity made me incredibly happy. The competition games were over, where I was trying to please an older man who has already seen everything and who is hard to impress, now it was about enjoying the thrill of this new experience between me and him, were I was the "mature".

One who has already seen everything, or almost everything and who is hardly impressed, and I could not help but feel a certain responsibility with the image that I projected to him, I could be an example for that handsome boy, to some extent. He could learn from me what to do and what not to do in a relationship, to treat how you want to be treated.

We have been together for a year, he is my only SB for now, I don’t know if I will later open my catalog of options in search of another boy like Carlos, but I am incredibly pleased with where we’re at for now, I am not looking further. We usually see each other every Friday, or some other day of the week when I'm home alone.

We have a repeated routine, and now yes, we enjoy sex a lot, he did not know much about the subject, at first, but he has learned a lot with me and has perfectioned in this area, I really enjoy being the one who guides him to be an expert in bed, and in the aspect of coexistence, we continue to enjoy our talks on the carpet or a movie together.

His mother thinks he is a waiter at a banquet service on weekends, so I give him the money that justifies those hours, besides that, I have also taken him on a trip with me over the weekend, we have escaped from the routine of our occasional meetings each week; I have beautiful memories with him on the beach, in bed, everywhere.

We still maintain the relationship in discretion since he hides from his mother and I from my ex with whom we are nothing, I do not want this relationship to cause me any problems with my daughter's father. I know that an older man with a young girl is more accepted than an older woman with a younger boy, I don't understand why if it is basically the same, I have the financial solvency to satisfy my taste and the taste of my young boy.

If you are an older woman or the same age as me and you want to try something new in sex and relationship, I recommend you try with a young boy, I used to see them with some contempt, but I assure you that they can give you pleasant surprises, at least In my experience, Carlos never ceases to amaze me, it is worth seeing part of my money invested in him, I have fun and my satisfaction is guaranteed.

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