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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

Have A Sugar Daddy? I Will Tell You My Experience

Nobody taught me to play my role as Sugar baby, it is something I learned on my own and today I want to share my experience so that, in a stroke of luck, you can avoid wasting time with a "Splenda" Daddy and know how to choose the right one.

The reasons for becoming a Sugar Baby may be different for each girl or boy, we will always have reasons that are valid for us, no one else can or should judge us for it. There will always be an influence that motivates you to to be the Baby of a Daddy or Mommy. I was influenced by a friend and the Facebook memes. And my reasons are the following:

Where to find a Sugar Daddy?

I became independent from my parents at 20 years old, I don't want to sound pretentious, but I am a good-looking girl with an enviable body, so, to my fortune, I discovered at the age of 18 that I could work and earn money with my beauty, I started of as a companion, since as I told you, I decided to become independent just after turning 20.

I am not currently studying or working, I dedicate myself to my image and satisfaction 100%, and I plan to take advantage of it as much as I can, that does not mean I remain idle, I am active during the day. I have achieved this as a Sugar Baby, it may sound easy, and in a way, it is, it will not happen on the first time, much less at the moment that it occurs to you, this is most definitely a delivery by the two, and for it to work it takes your desire to achieve a specific goal.

I worked at all hours, I did not miss any event, I easily made $ 5,000 pesos a week, and the least I would make was $ 3,000 pesos. I have always had a strange obsession with money, I find it to be the most wonderful thing, because with money you can make whatever you want of your life, without it you only live on ideas. I believe that money should not be frowned upon, because it’s not only used for trivial things, but also to cover the essential aspects of everyday life, such as food, health, etc. Everything we have is thanks to money. Yes, although my focus is more superficial, it doesn’t matter, you may be a better person than I am, and money may not be as valuable to you. Money has always moved me, but I understand that not everyone thinks as I do.

Although I was aware of the desire that I awaken in men, I had not dared to seduce them to obtain something in return, I mean in the monetary aspect. I considered that the girls who sell their body for money where stupid and even pathetic, I apologize for that, I was in a mistake, and I am not saying that I currently sell my body, there are different ways of interpreting it. Once again, as I have seen in other forums, I also want to emphasize that being a Sugar Baby is not prostitution.

When I was a companion, I always saw escort girls as something normal, it's the most common thing in that environment. Girls who work in escort agencies or independently, make at least 125 dollars per hour; So, that is what got me very attracted to the idea of ​​selling something more than beauty. The concept of escort is supposed to be something more than simple and cheap prostitution, an escort is generally a college girl who offers her quality company that provides a dating experience for a certain time, be it one hour, two, three or even a day or several days. And they charge a good amount of money for that.

It seemed like the easiest way to make money, and even though I refused to that idea in the beginning, I ended up becoming an escort for about a month, and I must admit that it was easy, yes, but at the same time stressful, because when I arrived at the place after receiving the room number, I never knew who was going to receive me when I knocked on the door, if he was fat, skinny, tall, white, dark, smelly, kind, a jerk, etc. The worst thing of it all was constantly being concerned about my health, I always had the fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Being an escort was not meant for me, and I admire those who have been doing it for years, because they face many risks.

When I resigned, I immediately resented the money I was making, because in that month I easily made at least 5 appointments a week, which was equivalent to a little more than $ 11,000 Mexican pesos, so I’ll let you do the math of what I had earned that month as an escort. After leaving my new profession, I went back to work as a companion, but the money was extraordinarily little compared to the other, so, I decided to go back to the escort agency but only part-time, not full-time. And with that extra money, plus the money I earned as a companion, I made the money that I needed. But I sacrificed my peace of mind. I was missing something inside.

I found myself unhappy, satisfying my financial needs, in exchange for my peace of mind. I repeat, being an escort is not for me. So, I thought of a way to replace my new profession with something more relaxed but that would allow me to continue earning the money I needed. I focused on finding a person or a few, but something more stable, I began to have frequent clients, and I stayed with them for 2 or 3 months. I saw 3 clients a week, and little by little I was leaving the escort agency.

These frequent customers told me that they were my Sugar Daddies, that was supposed to be the reason they frequented me, of course, they each told me separately. None knew of the existence of the others. And I believed that this was how Sugar Relationships were carried out. I thought that's what it was about. But of course, I was absolutely wrong. Now I know perfectly well that Sugar Relationships are much more than just casual sex. It goes way beyond that, to the degree of really forging an emotional connection. Perhaps not so much love for the good stuff, but certainly come to feel real love and appreciation for the person.

It should be highlighted that this appreciation and affection of which I speak I didn't get to feel for the Splenda–Daddies, with them I could never have felt anything more than the emotion of receiving my little money. That's why I was telling you about the real Sugar Daddies and the Pseudo/Splenda Daddies. Because it is extremely easy to get confused. I saw these customers once every week sometimes more, of course rotationally with each one. We never got past bed or a brief conversation about anything in particular. There was no emotional connection, or anything like it; And suddenly something wonderful happened, I met my first Sugar Daddy, I guess he will not be the last, nor the only one in my life. Now, here comes the beauty of my story.

Sugar Baby Experience

One day an event came up for me at the escort agency, my job was decent. It was a new club; they were promoting this new nightclub. I arrived on time and the person who oversaw me was not there, so I entered an office and there was Wayne, the protagonist of my anecdote. Sitting at his desk, in a very elegant and tasteful office, by the way. Besides attractive, it seemed remarkably busy. I felt sorry for the intrusion, but despite him being busy, he attended me kindly, and took me to the correct office where the person who had to receive me was. I thanked him for the favor, and he returned to his office. I had no idea that he was the owner of that place.

I could not give any importance to that meeting because it really did not mean anything, it is like when you walk down the street and you see a physically attractive person pass by you think about it, but it does not transcend a simple thought. In Wayne's case, I didn't imagine that he would become such an important person in my life. At the end of my event, I returned home as I normally did, I bathed, ate, and slept a little, because I would have an event at night again in that same place. During the day we made propaganda for the opening, but at night I would do a performance with my companions, as go-go dancers.

The time for our dance arrived, and after changing into the costumes, the performance began. The fact is that the handsome man who helped guide me in the morning was there again, he no longer looked like a busy man, he seemed more immersed in the environment, but he gave off an observer image of everything, he seemed to be attentive to the people and details around, in a very thorough way. He gave the impression of being a supervisor. I asked the bar tender who that man was, because he had already caught my curiosity, it was then that the guy told me that he was the owner of the place. And I was overcome with the desire to conquer him, knowing that he was the owner, to me he represented money. I wanted to conquer him instantly, because as you know, I was already well into the goal of getting a good big shot.

I used my attributes and approached him, I made the comment about the place, making him believe that I didn't know who he was. I told him that the place was nice and that the most importantly, of good taste, that surely the owners were obviously people who know of good things. He found my comment funny; he took it well and said, thank you for the compliment, then I smiled and said "oh, are you the owner?", I have always known that by flattering people you are more likely to get what you are looking for. At least that technique has served me well, it's not like falling into a ludicrous thing, it was just kindly telling a truth, and I hit it. Thus, began a more interesting chat, and we ended up exchanging phone numbers.

It was not an innocent talk, nor was it so blatant, but it was obvious that exchanging our personal numbers was the entrance to something more flirtatious, but it was not at all grotesque either. I continued my shift, and he would smile at me, I basically danced for him. I admit that I was nervous, because it was the first time, I planned to conquer a man, just like him. I was afraid of erring. At the end of the night, we each went to our home, and I left with the idea of ​​hearing from him again. The next day I received his call, it was exciting, in fact, I remember that I screamed with emotion, to let my nerves out so I could sound calm when I answered.

We met in an elegant restaurant, but not because it was elegant was it boring, in fact, it was a place with a young soul, this man has good taste in everything, even choosing places. We had a long and interesting talk, I think we were both on the same page, because he explained his intentions to me and I mine. He told me that he was recently divorced, and that he did not want formal commitments, that he needed to give himself his space and meet again with the single man inside him. But he also wanted to feel the affection and warmth of a woman, and who was preferably younger than him, 42, he was looking for someone like me, in her 20's.

And I told him that I recently been wanting to be with someone older than me, that in my work environment it is quite common to see girls with their Sugar Daddies and that I also wanted to know what it felt like. We agreed to give it a try, as it was something new to both of us. And so far, everything is going smoothly, we both feel amazingly comfortable, with each other's company, I would not be an escort again for the world, because I already found a more feasible method that makes me feel better about myself.

I could tell you many anecdotes, but they are very personal, what I can tell you is that I get 20,000 Mexican pesos net a month for me and he pays for my apartment and all my expenses. I am seriously thinking about investing my money in a business of my own, I have not yet decided what it will be. I'm doing the things I like to do, especially taking care of my image, I keep in shape, my life is the gym and the pleasures that come to mind, and above all, him who is giving me everything I always dreamed of. We maintain our independence, but of course, I offer him my exclusivity, and I do so gladly.

I have made some physical modifications to improve my image, he has invested in it, because I am "his doll": rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and of course, my facials to keep my skin like porcelain. I'm not sure if it will be easy for all women to get a sugar daddy as splendid as I have, or if in my case, it was a matter of luck. I can come to think that if you want something with all your might, you will get it. I already know the method to finding it, you propose it and of course, you invest in your image because let's accept it, this is also finally about physical beauty and attitude. Clarify things from the beginning and get going, always be reciprocal. I will continue to enjoy my Sugar Daddy and I hope my experience will serve you well. Believe in yourself as irresistible, it works!

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