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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

A Sugar Relationship That Ends In Marriage?

Nobody wants to be the bad guy in anyone's story, but this time it's my turn to be, and before you judge me lightly, let me tell you a little about myself.

At almost 24 years old I think I have several interesting stories to tell about love and passing romances, I can say that I have enjoyed it enough to comment on it.

I used to be an escort like many young and beautiful girls today, it seems that it is the era of escorts, I have been able to benefit from this profession since I was 17 until just recently.

As I expected, there were many men who were interested in me, and not in a merely romantic way. I think I got cheeky at 18, and that's when I started getting more out of my looks.

My parents are very relaxed, to my fortune, I had no limits, and it is possible that for that reason I have matured or the opposite, I don’t know, the only thing I am sure of is that so far, I have done everything I have wanted, and I am not going to change my lifestyle for anything.

I am an accounting student, so money and numbers are my specialty, I don't really know where my taste for this career came from, I have plans with this, but today I am not here to talk about my professional aspiration, but about my emotional aspiration.

When I started working, I began to love money and good things, beautiful clothes and not too expensive at first, I settled for a good outfit, modest but cute, and it seemed normal, I do not want to offend anyone with this I believe that each person has their own beauty, but personally I always want more of everything, I need to stand out from the rest to feel that I exist.

As a simple and decent escort, I earned around $ 4,000 Mexican pesos a week, and for me it seemed enough, and even a lot, since I was still living in my parents' house, and I really didn't need to contribute part of my money to help support my family, my parents are wealthy people, I've basically always had a good life.

But for some reason shortly before I came of age, the idea of ​​earning my own money invaded me because the fact of having to give explanations to my parents every time I asked for money  was simply annoying to me.

And you know that parents repeat the same lecture: if you don't want to give explanations, earn your own money. It was still 17 years old when I started working.

And of course, I enjoyed my first payment doing a really nice job, this is so, you get paid to be beautiful, there's no discussion about it.

It is something fantastic to smell money and think that it is the best aroma in the world, imagine how you will spend it, of course, that idea of ​​spending it without thinking about it is something I am working on, especially for the career I am studying, there is some responsibility behind it, but my crazy shopping spirit tempts me very often, and how can I say no!

Anyway, I worked "decently" for 2 years, until I discovered another way to make more money, and although it is the most common in this work environment, because each person has a different story, surely you have already heard of some aide who is also an escort at the same time, it is not surprising. And I was not the exception to this almost law of the life of an aide-de-camp.

In my defense I can say that I have always been with sophisticated clients and that I did not go with any "peasant" who offered to pay me for having the privilege of touching this beautiful body.

They were only wealthy and influential men, almost all businessmen and the occasional local politician. People who take care of their image and avoid public scandals, those were my clients, because I did not want to be exhibited as a vulgar “prostitute”.

I have always been in favor of the idea that women deserve to be treated like queens, no matter what we do, no man has the right to trample us, and despite the fact that a woman receives money for sex, it does not give them the right to exceed the limits, you always own your body.

Fortunately, I never had a bad experience as an escort and as an aide, even less. It is possible that my life until now has always been that of a “little princess”.

On one of those occasions, while being a hotel girlfriend I met the most important man in my life so far, Julio. When I was 22 and he was 41. We didn’t have sex on that date, he just wanted my company.

I remember that we went to a very elegant restaurant, but before that, he took me to buy the ideal clothes for that place and the perfect shoes, the most beautiful bag, the complete outfit for the occasion. Everything chosen by him, it was like playing the Barbie in real life, I was his doll for a few hours.

He gave me $ 300 for 3 hours of my time, during which time I was treated like a queen, where he bought me an outfit of about $ 300 or more. I mean, did he pay me to be treated like a queen? And without the need for sex, I did love that, the only thing I could think of was; I wish they were all like him.

And of course, it was not the last time we would meet, there would be much more of this. He let a week go by and then came back to look for me. He wanted to see me again, but this time in the penthouse of a well-known and luxurious hotel in Tijuana, where he used to stay every time he came on business trips from his native and beautiful city, Los Angeles, California.

I literally felt on top of the world being there. Being able to see the rest of the city from above, the rest of the mortals, in company of a “powerful” person, that feeling of belonging enchanted me. I felt that this was my place, that I deserved that abundance.

And of course, on that second occasion there was sex, which was also unforgettable, for all the excitement of the moment, it is so far my best time in bed. And I received more money again.

I remember that I kept thinking about how much money a man like him must have to spend so uninhibitedly with someone he hardly knows. But how nice that he did it with me, I would always be delighted to receive those gifts.

I Am the Other Woman

I was for Julio's wife, or should I say, ex-wife? It is an episode in my life that I am not even close to being proud of, but I believe that life can be "a heartless bitch" at times and no one gets away from it.

He and I had a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationship for about 8 months, everything was going well, and of course I knew very well about his marital status, I knew that he was a married man who was having a good time with a young girl, that was me.

And I never thought about what might happen if the wrong people found out about us. Besides, let's be honest, this is the most common thing in the world, and although that does not mean that it is morally correct, I think I will not be the first or the last to be the bone of contention.

It was 8 months of travel and luxuries that I could not have paid for on my own, and I did not think to stop living that moment to the fullest, both he and I were having a great time, and I think I always had in mind that it was something temporary. In fact, I completely quit my second unseemly job, as an escort.

And I kept working as an aide-de-camp, because I like it, although I no longer had the need to do it because he paid for everything.

I think I kept my job as aide-de-camp for a while, because besides the fact that I really like that environment, I also wanted an excuse to go out to work and avoid the questions of my parents or acquaintances about my source of income, I really did not want to tell anyone about my love life.

Until suddenly the wife found out about the adventure, it was tremendously scandalous for those involved, because all this drama that involves an infidelity is like that, and I am terribly sorry, no one wants to be a participant in something similar, I deeply regretted having split their illusions of the perfect marriage.

Well, the drama was unavoidable, and I think the advantage that she is a person who cares a lot about appearances led her to take the process in discretion. At the beginning she did not want to give in with the divorce, but I think she found the dignity to do so, and they reached an agreement, she of course won and took what she wanted.

Later I found out that she was unfaithful to him first and not with anyone, but with his best friend, both betrayed him in the worst way, and he forgave her, of course the friend went down in history.

According to her, she cheated on him because Julio never had time for her, because he always spent his time working or on business trips. But what a silly and cowardly excuse to justify infidelity, don't you think?

I was a little relieved to learn that the marriage was dissolved because it was already expired and that, although Julio's infidelity with me is not justifiable, he could apply it as divine justice to the past story between those two.

I do not know many details about that story that was once a beautiful love story, I do not like to be so reckless as to ask for details, I am more interested in my own story, and that despite popular sayings:  what starts wrong, ends bad. I can say that in my case it has not been like that.

Ours started as a typical Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby relationship. Occasional encounters and it has become a real engagement. He proposed to me three months ago and of course I said yes.C

onsidero que ambos nos hemos entregado en esta relación al 100% todo ha fluido de modo muy natural, ambos estamos enamorados y queremos dar el siguiente paso, hasta la fecha nos llevamos muy bien y disfrutamos de nuestro tiempo juntos, es que tenemos tanto en común a pesar de la edad que parecemos casi de la misma generación.

I believe that we have both given ourselves 100% in this relationship, everything has flowed very naturally, we are both in love and want to take the next step, to date we get along very well and enjoy our time together, it is that we have so much in common despite our age we seem almost of the same generation.

I don't know what the rest of the relationships or Sugar Deals are like, but in my case, it took an unexpected turn, and even though I thought he would choose his wife over me, well, surprise, maybe a few months were enough to earn me his affection and his love, and above all the confidence of choosing me to formalize a more serious relationship such as marriage.

Of course, he did not ask me to marry immediately after his divorce, he let several months pass almost a year, but at the time of that separation process, he chose me, I do not know if the idea of formalizing with me was in his mind at that time or if that happened instantly when he asked me, but to my fortune, it is a fact.

I am now planning my wedding and going crazy with all this, I still cannot believe it, I also know that for many it is foolish to get married because of the difference in ages, but I think that is something that only two people can decide, and that the only thing that matters is mutual happiness.

Life is full of surprises and as they say, there will always be someone special for you. Despite the way we met, that did not prevent us from coming to value ourselves as real humans, free from silly prejudices. I am grateful to him, for having valued me for who I am and not pigeonhole me in a malicious concept for my mistakes made like being an escort, for example.

I do not know what your case is, but I advise you that, if you are about to start a similar type of relationship, dare and always have a positive attitude, I believe that all men seek to feel heard and loved, make them feel important, and make them feel special, maybe that's why I won Julio's love.

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