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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

Every Sugar Baby Needs To Know This

Cunning and Intelligent Women Are Sugar Babies

Everything in life requires a manual, steps to follow, or at least, for the momentous things. Well, you reach an age where the decisions you make no matter what they are, they will have repercussions in your future.

But if you have moved forward and do not want to go back, and the bills of the month are adding up, I assure you that there are effective and fun solutions, one of them for example would be, getting a Sugar Daddy.

I know the proposition will sound a bit harsh to you, but this is real, many girls around the world have opted for this option, and they have no qualms about recommending it and even do it constantly to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and thus satisfy all their needs. Now learn some points that every smart Sugar Baby should know.

Being a Sugar Baby has so many benefits that you would not imagine and that you cannot miss either, from paying for basic household services, to paying for your studies or creating your own business.

You are surely familiar with the term, and it is also very possible that you know or have met a girl who has already experienced this adventure, or better yet, you may have already been part of this yourself, you know well what I am talking about.

First and Most Important of All

To be a real Sugar Baby, you need to leave behind all those silly prejudices that stop you from being one: What are they going to say about me? Is it wrong to do this? Is it demeaning to women? "blah-blah-blah".

None of these doubts will make you feel better you will only manage to have a bad time with your mind tormenting you every second, and it is also very possible that your displeasure is so evident that you will end up driving away the mature man who wanted to have a good time with you.

Afterall, as they say out there, "people don’t provide for you", so let them talk all they want, take advantage, and enjoy while you can, if you have Sugar Daddy it is because you can do it, and good for you! Do not forget that you will not be young forever and that one day, maybe then "you will have tough times".

So, leaving behind all the ideas about being a Sugar Baby, you have nothing left but to enjoy and better yet, make good use of that help. And of course, before I forget: being a Sugar Baby is not demeaning at all.

Denigrating would be doing something you don't want to do, and being treated like trash or worse, don't you think? In this case, both parties agree with what they are doing, and that's all, they share something in common and have a good time in each other's company, and incidentally there are many benefits, so I don't see the denigrating thing anywhere. Do you?

You Need a Sugar Daddy

The current circumstances in the economy, at least in Mexico, and the rest of Latin America, there may be more than one educated woman, but they don’t have the opportunity to advance in a "decent" way, (note my sarcasm in decent), so many and they won’t let me lie, must incline towards prostitution to come up with enough money for the month.

Although it is true that we still live in a time of machismo, and as much as we want to be the saints saying that misogyny is out of style, it is not true, it is still a reality whether we like it or not. It is still quite common for the male sex to dominate the labor market.

So, women found a smarter way to avoid falling for example as I mentioned earlier, into prostitution, there you will find denigration, bad treatment and danger, very sadly so.

I don't know if this is becoming a little clearer, you cannot compare one thing with the other. And I can assure you that most of the women who have used the Sugar Babies method, (myself included), have reasoned the above, and of course they have been cleverer choosing the option that gives you more stability and, above all, fun and safety.

It's kind of like saying "if you can't beat the enemy, join him," ok maybe not that extreme, but I think the idea comes close. Cunning and intelligent women have been able to use the tools at their disposal to their advantage and found a subtle way that they now call "Sugar Baby."

What to Do With These Benefits?

Simple: EVERYTHING. Be much smarter now that you begin to see that money come to your hands, and have a good time, because the ideal is that you enjoy it while taking advantage of it. If something is certain, it is that you will obtain a lot of fun as a Sugar Baby, just let yourself be pampered.

Whether you pay rent, house services, your kids' school, food, your school, I don't know, there’s a thousand ways that I can think of in which you can use that money you receive, because there are also single moms who are Sugar Babies as well as the majority, that are one hundred percent single and who are studying the university. It’s up to you what you use those benefits for.

You must have goals, concrete plans, so that you are not standing on quicksand. You must be the owner of your own destiny woman, because you are unbelievably valuable, so make the best possible use of all this.

Whether you start a business, the one you dream of so much. Or maybe you are yet to discover your calling, and you do not decide on something to learn, do not worry, there are many options.

The highest paid majors in 2019 are: Software Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Chemistry, Manufacturing Engineering, Finance and Economics, Transportation Services, Medicine, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning.

There are also many other options, perhaps, that take less time, as graduates, in which you prepare for something specific if what worries you is time.

The advantage of courses and diplomas is that they are mostly accessible, it is to invest to obtain an apprenticeship in less time than with a conventional career, and better yet, the best news is that in other countries, such as in Europe, they are well paid, and if you have a passport, there you go!

Think Big

Being a sugar baby does not have to be something momentary, it maybe that this role you play depends on the rest of your life, if that is what you choose. Do not forget, everything will depend on how much you want to move ahead.

There are many options, try to find a career that has the option of depending on a company and that also gives you the option of becoming independent when you want. Not all careers allow you that independence that you may be looking for.

Something particularly important is that the school you choose has all the papers in order and valid certifications, so that at the time of graduation it is not “in vain”. If you are looking for a career only because of the economic benefit and not for vocation, make sure that at least you will like it in the process, so you don’t drop out halfway.

Also make sure that your generous Sugar Daddy pays for the courses in advance, so that you are calm in that sense, you will not have to worry about that monthly expense. And give it your all!

All the above in case you do not have a professional career or trade, but if you already have one, then find a way to invest in a personal project, something that will generate assured income and that you are passionate about.

The Most Important Thing to Be a Sugar Baby is Attitude

Realize that being a Sugar Baby has many meanings, it will be different for each of us. But you must set to generate that support that you receive from that special gentleman.

Of course, if you are a Sugar Baby just for fun, these tips may not apply to you, which is very convenient and then I can only tell you, have the most fun!

Because there is also that other part, there are hundreds and thousands of girls who only have a Sugar Daddy to sponsor their nights out to the club.

Which is neither good nor bad, it's just the way it is, and how awesome for them, I tell you, everyone has a goal in mind when it comes to being a Sugar Baby.

I only speak from my experience and the experience of most of them. This topic of Sugar Dating is getting more and more acceptance and there are a vast number of curious girls who decide to try this lifestyle, because finally, that’s what it is, and the majority end up thinking that it has been one of the best decisions that they have made.

Whichever way you look at it, there will always be benefits, no matter how you are physically, or if you are single or with children, if you want to be a great Sugar Baby the most important thing of all is your attitude over everything.

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