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By: Valeria Sugar April 8, 2020

Infallible Tactics To Become A Femme Fatale

I would like to describe my Sugar Baby experience as one of the biggest crazy things I have ever done.

Life is full of surprises and moments that can change your perception of life, unexpectedly, opportunities come in very creative presentations, you can't even guess which is which, my opportunity to have a more than modern and open mind relationship, was named Alejandra, and she was 47 years old.

I am currently 31 years old, I am the editor of a local magazine and columnist, I am still single, I have never really aspired to start a family, I do not close myself to the possibility that this will happen one day, and if so, it will surely be accidental.

I could describe myself as a more than sociable person, there is not a day that I do not interact with my friends from work, or friends that I have made from other places in my journey through this life.

I am very smiley, cheerful and that friend who is always available when needed, and although it is usual for me to be an open book most of the time, I had a loving, sexual secret that for some reason, I had only kept it in my memory, but I decided to share it today.

Sharing drinks and cigarettes in one of my many social gatherings, when I was 18, when everyone had left the place, the girl I liked and I were left alone, she was my age and we had been flirting for some time, you know, the typical flirtation.

We went to a room in the house in question, and so our drunk bodies, literally began to kiss and raise the level of intention more and more, little by little. We had no idea that someone was watching.

Suddenly another girl entered the scene, the best friend of my companion, I think she was just as drunk, since she joined our recently started private party.

I tried to please both girls as much as I could, and I can even say that "I sobered up" from the impression, I dare say that this is the dream of almost most men: two beautiful girls willing to share intimacy with you at the same time, like a movie!

The romp went very well, in fact, once we were sober, we repeated it another two or three times, they were incredible. But if thinking that the anonymous viewer who later ceased to be anonymous and joined the act was a lot to imagine, I could have never imagined that there was a third observing from a distance. The protagonist of my story was the older cousin of one of the girls I was with.

The next day, while I was at work, (I was a barista in a cafeteria near the university), a face arrived that seemed familiar to me from the moment I saw her, she was a very attractive woman who called me by my name and it was evident that she knew me, I kindly returned the greeting without knowing exactly who the hell it was, she told me she was Vanessa's cousin, and she asked me for a coffee.

Alejandra was a woman with such an overwhelming and imposing personality that can only be achieved with age.

She asked me how the party had been last night, I did not know that we were at her house at the time of the party, until that superficial and apparently unimportant talk, the attractive lady told me that she had lent her house to her cousin. - Oh, now I see! Well thank you very much for allowing us to have fun in your chambers- I said sarcastically, to which she smiled.

She told me so beautifully and shamelessly: -I suppose that, of all those present at that party, it was you who had the most fun. Did you like those two girls? -. I was shocked, I could not easily process what I had just heard, how was it possible that this attractive and apparently serious woman had seen us?

Suddenly I experienced a series of lightning questions, one after another, while I was behind my back preparing her coffee, I felt everything at once, because the question was so unexpected, that I even experienced a little excitement when remembering it and being abruptly questioned by that woman who was sitting behind me.

I witnessed a female transformation, from demure to sex bomb, because when I turned to answer, with all my nervousness, I saw a woman with a different facet, she had a face of lust, she even looked sexier, she grabbed her coffee and told me, -I will pay you later, come to my house, you know where it is -. I was dumbfounded for a few minutes; I wasn't sure what had happened.

Had this beautiful and femme fatale made me an invitation to have sex with her, at her house, tonight? I had that image spinning in my head all day, I had a hard time concentrating on my activities. I wanted the time to arrive when I would be at her house, and all the mystery that she planted in me had me anxious.

I rang the doorbell to her house, it was around 8pm, I was not sure what I was doing there, but my animal instinct was obedient to hunt. She came out in a spectacular outfit, sexy but not vulgar, we were alone, and I liked feeling like a reeling and unprotected cub at the mercy of a ferocious tigress. She bought me a glass of wine, and we resumed the pending chat.

It was then that she told me that he had seen the entire act, from start to finish, literally everything! And I'm not sure, but I remember that I did not speak at all, she always dominated the situation, narrated some parts of what happened last night, and seemed excited with that sexual narrative.

She ended by saying that she liked it, and that my movements looked very well practiced for someone as young as me, and that she would like to see for herself how it felt to be with me, she approached me, spread my legs and stood between them, while I was sitting on the stool, she looked at me ardently as she held the back of my neck with her hands, and then kissed me long and profoundly.

She took my hand and led me to her room, the same room where the threesome had happened, what happened that night, between her and me, was a lot better than my moment with the two girls, I had never been with a woman who was older than I, less with one as hot as Alejandra. It was without a doubt the first best sex of my life.

I liked being intimidated and not knowing what to expect from her. When we had finished, we talked for a while, the friendly chat after a good time of sex.

She was a divorced woman and never had children, so she had the freedom of someone my age, she did not know the pressures of time, she was self-sufficient, and she spent most of her time traveling, for pleasure and for work, I don’t remember very well what it is she does, I only remember that she had a lot of money and that he could afford a wonderfully comfortable life.

There were more meetings like that, our thing lasted a few months, 6 or 7 at most. But in that time frame, I was an apprentice from the experience, a woman like her has many things to teach in the sexual aspect and in the lessons of everyday life.

There were many more gatherings at her house, organized by her cousin, and since this incredible woman was voyeuristic, she asked me to repeat the trio, she would observe in the distance; only she and I knew.

The first time I obeyed her order I felt a little uncomfortable, but I later understood that I was pleasing her and that also made me feel excited, imagine what she felt, the thought of her secretly watching us was more powerful than having the two girls ready for anything; Alejandra was far more from my expectations, so far I have not met someone better than her, I am not only saying it because of the sexual aspect.

I say this because she was a person who taught me that nobody must judge you by your tastes, or by your ideas, I could talk about any topic to her and she always had something positive to contribute or else, she just listened to me, and made me feel important, I was the most transparent person with her.

There was so much trust between the two of us that many times when she went on a trip, she would leave me the keys to her house so that I could stay there, I served as a caretaker of her house and I had fun at the same time because comfort is something that you can easily get used too.

She always left me enough money to buy food and whatever I wanted, in her absence, in addition, she always brought me a gift from her trips.

We were very discreet with our relationship, she could be very open-minded, but she knew how to respect the emotional balance of the people around us, she did not want to bother anyone with what we did, or give unnecessarily absurd explanations, so we were never seen in public, and our meetings were almost always at night.

I remember that we spent a whole weekend together, locked up in her house, watching movies and eating like royalty, there was little sex that time, we spent quality time, we talked a lot, we shared a large part of our lives in our conversations that weekend, in pajamas, worthy clothing of unforgettable moments.

I could have been with her without her giving me money, but she always wanted to share some of her amenities with me, and she always told me not to fall in love with her, because life is like that, we have to be realistic, the difference of ages on most occasions represents a problem to carry a formal relationship.

I bought a lot of clothes with her money, I even went out to party with my friends and I paid, I had money like that thanks to her, and I guess I was very immature at the time, to not have known how to take advantage of the opportunity, I had to do something productive with that. But the fun no one can take from me.

Sometimes she even lent me her car to go out, as long as I was careful to not be seen by her cousin, because then they would all realize that something was going on.

I tried to please her and always obey her demands; it was gratifying for me to have the ability to satisfy a woman of her level. It was a few months, but with her the time felt as if I had known her for years, and our adventures together were so extreme at times, that it seemed eternal, they say that time passes quickly when you have a great time, I felt the opposite, it is Perhaps my desire to encapsulate the moments with her was so strong that it made me cling to the time, to the moment.

I always wanted more and more; it was addictive. But the life span of this relationship was coming to an end, like everything in life. A better job offer came to her in Australia, and she didn't hesitate to take the opportunity. When she told me about it, I felt hopeless, nostalgic, and sad.

My person was leaving, but she, as always so perfect, knew how to tell me the words that managed to bring peace to my mind and hope that I would possibly know someone like her or possibly better than her.

I consider that each person who comes into your life and becomes special, leave you an important lesson, you live beautiful moments, but when it is time, they go their way, and you should do the same.

Alejandra is incomparable, we lost communication, I wonder if I will see her again, I hope so! I considered her a great friend and an insurmountable lover, it would be nice to be able to tell her everything that has happened to me in her absence and know what has become of her life. #sugar daddy and mommy

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